Why are they wearing clothes?

They are a robot, shouldn’t their metal hull better protect them against the environment?
I mean, we don’t cover our cars in leather jackets.


Hey, speak for yourself.


Because Fl4k’s a sentient being with a personal sense of aesthetics.


Because they’re not a simple loader bot, but an emerging AI would be one answer.
Counterquestion to make a point: why do soldiers wear their camo gear?
Clothes offer a variety of positive effects apart from protection from the environment starting with camouflage. Especially snipers depend on not being seen. And not advertising from a mile off that they have a robot body has some advantages too.
Another plus are pockets. Fl4k is carrying more than a bit of stuff around and is even using a backpack, as can be seen from the pictures. And looking at the combat gear human soldiers get issued it’s not a wonder they use clothes and the backpack.
They main reason may just be, because they find the clothes useful and want to wear them.


Please use the correct pronouns (they/them) for Flak.


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IDK, why do you wear clothes when bones or metal plates would protect you better?

Sarcastic jokes aside, FL4K is a thinking, feeling being. THEY, as has been stated, are an AI capable of understanding societal concepts such as clothing function beyond protection from the elements. It also can’t hurt to have a jacket over your metal exoskeleton to protect from rain or sandstorms, etc.

Bacause an AI is not a simple robot.
it has awareness of itself and others and it is sentient.
Maybe it’s just because is easier to bring food for the pets?

You don’t live in a hail prone area. I have a hail blanket made of pool noodles for my car.


My guess is because they have a good sense of style.


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Maybe, because animals can chew their clothes ?

animals love to chew something

also, they could play as a human at some point

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My quess is because animals chew clothes

Probably because Fl4k keeps the food for the 3 pets in there.

Shelly “The Machine” Levine wore clothes. And he is a machine.

Warning: Foul Language

A car’s engine and transmission has protective coverings. Hoods… caps… etc. A Desktop PC has a casing and other protective coverings surrounding various internal parts.

So, Shelly “The Machine” Levine and FL4k are no different. Their clothing is their protective covering.

Better question, why aren’t they wearing shoes?


I beg to differ.

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I don’t know why, maybe he just wants to hide that he is a robot or something like that. Maybe some background echo will explain more of his past.

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