Why are they wearing clothes?

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I’d wager this is because their feet aren’t designed to be footwear-compatible… not that this has stopped them from wearing a shoe, of course.

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The cosplay guide shows a metal boot and a claw foot. You can see those clearly in the FL4K introduction video at one point when they jump down. That’s actually pretty rad. I wonder if the character animation will ever include a roundhouse kick with the claw foot?


That… would hurt… rather a lot.

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Back on topic.

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Cheap and effective way of hiding vital components. Snipers don’t know exactly what part to target. Less intimidating to organics that have to be interacted with on a daily basis. Sudden surprise for organics when the clothes are ripped off. That’s right… TACTICAL FLASHING!!! SHOW DEM SEXY ROBOT ABS!!!


But seriously… tactical flashing.


Fembots in the 6 million dollar man and on the bionic woman wore clothes.

Looking at the overall appearance and colour scheme of the default costume, that’s also not a bad camouflage scheme for hunting through Pandora.

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in combat isn’t deception a big component to winning the fight? Boxers and MMA fighters are constantly feinting and deeking. Deception is critical. So doesn’t it stand to reason that Fl4K wants to do everything it can to gives its opponents as little info as possible. CLothing disguises everything.

Even if Fl4K identifies as one sex why make it common knowledge? Why give one’s opponents more knowledge of an enemy?

So Fl4K doesn’t want his or her or its opponents any knowledge of the enemy. Who knows if he or she or it is even really a robot. Maybe FL4k is only partially robotic and under all the clothing their is a living being underneath it all ?

I can respect Fl4K’s secrecy.

Maybe Fl4K is ZER0 ! ! !

In conlcusion… i must conclude with a question that will haunt these forums for years…
as an homage to Ayn Rand’s most abstract and most prolific and powerful hero … i only have 3 words to say…

"Who Is Fl4k ? "

Because he looks cool that way. As an artist, I have drawn many robots with clothes, not because it’s practical, but because it just looks cool. It would be disappointing if character designs would need to always “make sense”. Robots with clothes always look badass, and that’s the most important thing when it comes to fiction, I think.


It’s polite to use Flak’s preferred pronouns (they, them) Flak is non-binary.

People are finding some weird things to get hung up on in this thread. Fl4k has clothes because it makes the character design look cool.


I think the clothes look good on it. Nice robo. My dad and I have lots of robot toys.

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Everyone seems to be missing the real, serious point here…

If you’re naked all the time, people get used to it, whereas if you go around clothed, then suddenly strip and yell “SURPRISE!” the shock can be used to disorient or distract. Tactical… flashing.


:dukefp: :camera_flash:

I think FL4K is wearing their outfit as a way to remain mysterious, maybe for the sake of reputation as the Beastmaster? That or maybe they had a hooded look and just kept adding

maybe because its just a game? when it comes to the robo (robot hobo) outlook, seems logical to wear clothing. cant have a naked character running around shooting things. otherwise it would have a much different rating, even it it is some wandering AI thing,

Hey, Briareos from Appleseed - cough ripoff cough - wears one too.



Preface: this is a game. Sometimes, it’s just to look cool. Sometimes. It’s because the clothes provide cover. But, there’s a key word to untangle if we want.

When it comes to Fl4k, gearbox has described them as an “emergent” AI. In a few cultures, the “emergence” of consciousness comes from the Eating Of The Fruit Of The Tree Of The Knowledge Of Good And Evil. When the Adam and Eve characters of the civilization ate from the Tree Of The Knowledge, they suddenly learned they were naked. And so they clothed themselves.

Very similarly, our Beast Master (which, in a sense, brings more biblical connotations, Adam was to be the master and care taker of the life of the garden…I know far too much Christian mythology to be in my current life position I swear), has “woken up” to realize they were naked. Thus they donned clothing.

I think that’s the shortest I can condense this thought to. So.

Viva la Mr. Chew!

he may be shy