Why are those 2 rated the same?

Obviously, the one one the right is better…

Yet same price and item score… strange thing that.

Also confused when I see item such as “-36% Weapon Damage”
Is it already applied on the card?
Or will it be 157 - 36% (=99)

I did try to test it right now… but it’s hard to test on that particular weapon, haha

Yes, as for the differences not affecting the cost Idk… One definitely seems worth more than the other

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I wonder if less accuracy can actually be a benefit for this flamethrower. Less accuracy means the flames spread wider, which means you’ll burn things in a wider area.

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I dont think so.
One cant be less accurate on purpose… But being more accurate is hard…

Also the left one consumes 3 ammo per “shot” while right one only 2…

Min/Max. You got better part on one.

Item score just determine the “level” of the item, like you can be lvl 50 with a crappy build or lvl 45 with an opti build

haha… yeah… the right one is definitely heaps better! :open_mouth:

FFS the amount of items I blindly throw away going just off gear score :man_facepalming:t3:

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Tbh I’m not picking anything if it’s not anointed.

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