Why are vending machines exclusively dropping legendaries?

I just started a new playthrough from lv 1 and every single vending machine only has one weapon/shield in it and they are always legendaries.
Does anyone know why this is happening?

Ahh my apologies, I didn’t see the bit at the bottom previously about legendaries. Thank you.

I’ve just switched on my PC and booted BL3 up. The vending machines are not working properly. They only show legendary items, ammo and health. Is this only happening to me? My last activity yesterday was completing the Legendary Hunt challenges to get the Bekah and at the same time completing Handsome Jackpot challenges to get the Scoville and Ember’s Purge. The first thing I did today was find Crazy Earl’s Re-Roll machine. I opened it but didn’t re-roll any annointments. Crazy Earl’s Veteran Rewards machine however is operating as normal.
Can this be fixed??

It’s the current hotfix event, along with Traunt kills


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