Why are you ruining this game....?

I do not play with a set squad, I have to search games until I get a group of above 75 or so. Why are we blocking levels now? This concept of well let’s let the random low levels face off against the party of 5 100s because now they don’t know the ass whooping is coming. How about catering the game to the people who play this game enough to get to level 100. MAke all the crap excuses you want but tell me you wouldn’t take a level 100 over a level 20 unless your a troll. Your not going to gain new players from these stupid decisions only lose the ones who used to love it. I’ve played about 5 games since this patch and my crap teams have lost every one, until this is fixed I am done this is no longer fun. Goodbye

The actual concept is now that CR is hidden hopefully people wont leave matches as often simply based on CR alone.

That depends entirely on the attitude of the player. If they’re arrogant, CR100 means nothing to me. If they’re polite and fun to chat with, CR20 is fine by me, and sometimes the CR20s need to play with higher level players to learn how to play the game by observing how it’s done instead of being stomped and farmed while learning nothing constructive. Groups of CR100 stomping low level players isn’t fun on the losing team, new players wont find it fun and they wont stick around to even hit CR100.


What’s the difference between before and now? Matchmaking is still the same. I don’t appear to understand your point


I dunno about that - a lot of the time lower-rank players are much nicer than CR100s, and will actually cooperate and communicate with the team. Even if there’s only two or three people on my team who are CR80+, we can carry a team full of newer players in a decent fight for a possible victory against a full 100 premade.

In my experience, CR100s tend to be more arrogant and rude, refusing to help with objectives or actually cooperate properly. Sometimes they won’t even communicate at all, they’re just there to grind out their lore challenges and don’t care about the match or their team. So yeah, I’ll take the lower-level guys every time.


I think hiding CR was a good thing to do. People constantly backed out if they felt the match could be one sided just by jumping to conclusions about CR.

I’m a CR100 that’s very shittey at PvP except for a few hand picked heroes that I can control good enough… So when I saw a team of CR100 premades I left the queue, especially when I was in a team with low levels.
Now? I won’t be bothered hand checking them, therefore I won’t leave queues anymore.

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While I like to know who Im playing with and against, so I can take the right character and change my way of playing if needed, I think it is working and less people quit. That said some strong players are recognized, and people still quit.

I played face-off today with one lvl 20, he said that I need to deposit the masks (I had like 40 of them), but I died, because 3 enemy players appeared outta nowhere. And he wrote: stupid.

Yeah, very polite low levels. After the match (we lost) in which he killed only 7 varelsi (I killed 29), he turned in 54 mask, I did 124. So I guess I wasn’t that stupid after all, but a low level knows his stuff I guess and my 700h of experience in this game is worth “stupid”. ^^ Oh and he finished the match while being lvl 7, while all other players were lvl 9-10.

Please, just don’t be obsessed with the opinion that the 100CR players are arrogant and those low levels are puffy kittens. It sends a wrong message to the newer players in this forum. They are as bad/good as anyone, it doesn’t matter what level he/she/it has.

I can remember only 4-5 constant bad mouths that are 100CR, but I’ve seen far more <100CR levels that are as rude as x3 Trumps combined.

And I will not talk about objectives and cooperation - lower levels rarely know what those words even mean (that’s why they are still low levels, they just don’t have the overall experience with this game).

p.s. low levels for me are ppl with 2-50CR.

In the end, I evaluate people in two ways. Total combined damage input/output, and level. If everyone else is level 10 and you’re level y, you’re probably not great. And if you put 20k healing and ten k damage, I probably won’t think of you AS great either. The person you speak of appears to have failed all of the rules

You can look at everyone’s CR once you’re in game by pulling up the score menu and selecting each individually. I don’t leave games just because of low levels. I’ve had two games in the last two days where I checked the other team and they were all 100 and then I’ve checked my team and me and my friend were the only 100 on our team. The other two were 6 and 12, the other game 23 and 16. Both games our 5th player disconnected, but they weren’t higher than 40. We won both of those games. 4 of us versus 5 100’s. One we slaughtered them. The other we had a decent lead on them.

Hmmm… I wonder why they got rid of being able to see CR rank… maybe it’s to change people’s perception. Seeing a full 100 opposing team may cause people to think it’s not possible to win from the start so you don’t try as hard or seeing that your team is comprised of low levels makes it so that you don’t try as hard because you believe your team weak. Getting rid of CR has changed people’s in game perception as well as made matchmaking faster because people aren’t constantly leaving trying to find a full 100 team.

Crazy smart move Gearbox. I just think there should of been more progression rewards. After unlocking Ghalt at 40, the remaining 60 levels are pointless since there’s no longer showboating your high level.

I believe it was a smart move as well. And while the 60 levels are debatably useless, you do get 3 (or 2, I forget) titles, a legendary pack, and 11 commander packs.

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It’s a double-edged sword, I think. On one hand, blind levels mean less griping from others about one’s alleged lack of XP (or whatever). On the other, more possible griping from others about one’s alleged lack of XP since they couldn’t call it early.

I will concur that now I don’t have to worry about the lowbie leaving because the 50+ player was afraid they were gonna pick Miko first (in goddamn Campaign, where you can have multiples, but whatever).

I still check CR in Character Select for all players before I pick my character. If I’m facing low levels, I pick a character I still have little experience with. If I’m teamed up with the low levels, I’ll lean support or fill whatever role the team comp calls for.

Since I doubt most players bother to do this or don’t even know CR is still available to see, it gives me more realistic expectations of the match. And I still get surprised, which is nice.

I dont know, im lvl 100 but i dont mind if im playing with new players. Sometimes its really fun to play with them, because they are interested in the game… Moreover, i really hate players who are yelling at you everytime when you are not perfect (these guys are mostly lvl100).

I dont care about command rank.

I’m yelling only at those who quit, so they don’t know anyway :smiley: .

Yeah, those people who criticize during the match are the worst. If you can’t say something nice - leave it for yourself.

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Sorry i just played with a Kleese who kept charging the sentry in Incusion…he went on to a 1 kill, 11 deaths (with four assists)…the useless skidmark NEEDED to be yelled at, and if he didn’t like it he could mute

The funny part is that Cr was only part of it. I see a 5 group with worthy of a song and angel of death, I’m out.

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Yeah, you do get the occasional a**hole. But still, hiding command ranks does help to reduce people who quit when they see a whole line of CR100s in front of them in matchmaking. Kind of a good thing, kind of a bad thing.

Rediculous excuses, the only thing I see is it helps with the ■■■■ players quitting before the match starts…I must be he only one who doesn’t want a quitter on my team or against me what is the problem of letting them quit and finding a better teammate? Impatient kids? First impressions aren’t going to change a quitters habits I’d rather them quit before the game started than in the middle… If they have a mic sure give them a chance that’s not what this is about, make a separate bracket 100 are only playing level 100 or something don’t put me with ■■■■ players with no Mics. I’m sorry I’m competitive and I want to win but I don’t like babysitting quitters. Stupid responses so far

You guys are acting like it took an hour to find a match… I never play with a squad and it took no longer then 5 min to find a good game, why are we catering the game to quitters…An ahole is an ahole sorry if your new to online gaming this is very common but I haven’t seen anyone saying this a**hole wasn’t speaking some kind of reason. Take criticism as a man and step your game up, stop defending the weak and bring your A Game. Or please ask the devs for a bracket matchmaking system because like I said the dedicated players are the ones to adapt to not the quitters,