Why are your Battleborn server wait times so awful?

Your wait times are atrocious for gameplay. I’ve been playing for over a year and have finally had enough. I’m trying out Overwatch.



The wait times in queue aren’t gameplay, just sayin’.

Still, what’s the intent of the post?

Is it to shed some light on a problem?

If so;
Is it thorough?
Is it constructive?
Is it fair?
Is it objective?

The title’s a clearly biased question which isn’t adressed in the post itself. Not to mention that it’s not thorough, constructive, fair or objective.

Gearbox is arguably the one party in this who wish Battleborn was more of a success than it was, blaming them for something which is largely not in their control isn’t helpful.


Oddly enough, that’s in large part because of Overwatch. Which wasn’t GBX’s doing and (even more ironically) is a success born out of a failed game development attempt. Much, much irony all round here!

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The lack of hotfixes lately have allowed the meta to grow stale and lingering problems not being addressed in a timely manner have led people to quit playing (not just lately but since release) which leads to increased queue tired.


Because like one other person in here is actually answering your thread the proper way, I’ll tell you: The game is pretty dead on PC because no one plays it there thanks to initial performance issues, as well as a slow patch & update cycle (which, admittedly, isn’t as much Gearbox’s fault as we thought), more accessible games being out there, and the matchmaking system’s terrible job of matchmaking. It seems to be built for a high population, even when this game had a lot of players the mm was kinda stupid.


Given the fact that I get quite ansty if it takes more than a minute to find a team (yes, I know…), I find this autocorrect quite amusing. From now on, I shall refer to said state of mind as “Queue tired”.

On the “minute” thing - I have a clock right beside the TV; I’ll be thinking “it’s been 5 minutes already!”, look at the clock and… 1 minute elapsed time. :astonished:

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