Why aren’t there any new class mods in DLC 3?

I’ve played through DLC 3 on all 4 characters and it’s not a bad story per say, but the lack of no new class mods makes me question Gearbox’s thinking. Do you think they actually didn’t have any new ideas for class mods or was it just sheer laziness on their part?

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I doubt it was laziness … they did introduce a bunch of new gear and even brought the Unkempt Harold back … so maybe they figured the new loot was good enough …

As a Zane main, I only use the Seeing Dead com so I never care too much about new class mods personally.

I think they just wanted to focus on weapons and it shows. A lot of the DLC3 gear is really good. Would love to see new coms (+possible reworks) in DLC4 though

I think it needs to be said that trying to be creative and unique is not always a good thing.
Most of the skills in this game IMO are so… Gimmicky. You may get 2 or 3 straight forward skills that you can invest in per tree that are just flat bonuses, whether it be grenade damage, HP, gun damage, etc.
But then there’s just… Convoluted skills? This is evident in the class mods.
The class mods fall into two categories (Zane only has one category: Is it seein’ dead) trash and not trash. Some are just bad compared to others. Some require more effort than others to even utilize effectively, but still don’t perform as efficiently.
Make skills just be upgrades and not weird interactions or killskills. Don’t make me do math to figure out how to freakin… Catch enemies on fire while spamming grenades to stack elemental bonuses in the most efficient manner. I just wanna do it yo.
Stream line it. Make coms interesting. Get rid of seein’ dead as a com and add it as a capstone.

They should fix the existing ones to be worth using.


My only issue is if this DLC was supposed to introduce a bunch of solid new gear to the game wouldn’t it make sense to get some new strong class mods as well? Especially for someone like Zane who could no doubt use another strong class mod that can compete with Seein’ Dead. Hopefully DLC 4 focuses on adding some new meta class mods. I guess it just irked me because DLC 1 and 2 added new mods so why stop at DLC 3? It just feels odd.

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I couldn’t disagree with this more. Characters that gain stacks for doing certain things have always been my favourite. Krieg was one of the most beloved characters and probably had the most complex skill trees out of any VH to date. This just sounds boring and would obliterate a ton of builds imo


I think it was as others are saying DL3 added a ton of new legendaries which is what a big part of what the game is about. I also believe the level increases to 60 happens with Bounty of blood did it not? I could be wrong on that.

I also notice they have been working on getting more of the major skill bugs delt with. So it is possible they are trying to get a chunk of the existing skill bugs delt with before they add more COMs that add new interaction.

Seeing as how the next DLC is base on a certain Psycho we all love and it is the final DLC in the current Seasons pass I would hope to see some more crazy Class Mods. I am personally rooting for a Torch Moze COM that works to make COV guns truly amazing

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Krieg was my favorite, but he’s a good example for what I mean too. I never touched his red skill tree because of how complex it was. I went down blue IIRC, the one shot melee that could kill you at the same time. I feel like a lot of skill trees in BL3 give me Krieg red tree vibes, or Gaige anarchy stack vibes. But if you like em!

If all the speculation and gossip about fourth skill trees is true, maybe it’s not surprising that there were no class mods in DLC3? Save then up and add at least two per character in DLC4?

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Yeah me too. Part of me says good for them because they’re probably making decent money being on the stream team so they can support their families. The other part of me is almost ashamed on how much they have become corporate yes men. You can’t really trust anyone on the stream team for their honest opinion because they really have to filter any of their negative criticism towards the game.

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