Why aren't class mod names listed on your hud like every other game?

Seems like something that should have been there and made identifying character builds a lot more easier(some of the mods also had really cool wacky names) I just don’t understand why it got removed and why it isn’t at least a option in the settings. I know its a small complaint but it really bugs me as to why GBX felt the need to remove it.


I think some mods may have a name too long for it to be efficiently displayed. Thermobaric Molly Gains Mindsweeper, Volatile Purified Phasezerker, Top Notched Ranger Cosmic Stalker. See, some of them would maybe cause too much visual pollution idk.

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just don’t name them like that ??
They obviously chose not to do like in previous games, which is a shame

They’ve made them have more variable stats using the same mechanism as parts on weapons, which is why the names get so unwieldy. I think they’re a bit over-engineered tbh, but you can see they were already heading in this direction with the TTAoDK class mods. There’s no reason they couldn’t just use the base name like they did in BL2 (Nurse Maya etc). Not that this would help me much - the text on the HUD is too small for me to read even playing solo on a 55-inch TV.


We’ve seen what GBX is/isn’t capable of.

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I’m pretty sure even with the long names all of them would fit in the HUD, but the space they would occupy is filled with three different progress bars and our active skill icons.

If they were slick instead of a bar they could have the name of the Class mode display, with the letters filled in with color replacing one of those progress bars. Most likely the character Level bar, because once you’re max level it’s not doing anything anyway.

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