Why aren't rocket boots a thing?

i know jet packs would have been lame but rockets boots would have been cool as f**k, you can’t deny that, i mean if ur gonna bring back slamming don’t half do it, would it have been so hard to add another slot to currently equipped for rocket boots? and no i don’t mean the relic “rocket boots” that shoots rockets when you slide so don’t be a smart ass…seriously climbing onto stuff just to slam and do a normal amount of damage is kinda tedious


This guys mug in the recent Gearbox Co-op Couch, is it a hint or does it just happen to be what is on his mug?

Rocket boots or anything else to make Slam actually useable I’m up for. There are way too many relics based around slam yet Skywell is the only map in the game where it can be used consistently and fluidly in combat. If you have to go out of your way to climb things to slam it’s just a dps loss.

they wouldnt even have had the add a slot they could just have it as a passive mechanic if that makes sense