Why bank space and backpack space is too small

Borderlands 3 encourages exploration of the mechanics, items, skills, and builds. Everything about the game expects you to play around and find the right niche or combo. Mayhem modes especially expect you to carry around lots of options because elmental, non elemental, and gun types could get buffed or debuffed as you travel around. The game has so many named/unique guns, and potential gun combinations that it’s mind boggling.

Everything says try all the items, except backpack space and bank space that is. That’s where the game forces choice about what to keep or toss. But usually before you know enough to do so. And if you play long enough in the endgame you’ll easily have to toss out legendaries (or at least mail away to a friend).

I love this game and series, but again we have this inventory size constraint. I deal with it my way (I split screen in characters to hold 16 to 40 extra items) but there should be a better way to handle it.