Why base your experience on a premade party?

Plenty of posters here commenting about a character and base their experience on a premade party.

Pre-made parties is not how you learn the game or know about it.

No but it is so easy to find teams to make pre made teams. There is no excuse not to unless you just don’t want to and if that’s the case why play a team game? It’s so much more fun when you start teaming up with people and learning to play with them rather than going with full randoms and hoping it turns out okay. This is a team game based on teamplay. If you want to solo that’s fine but in a game like this you have to assume the endgame is to find a team or at least a couple people to play with that you have fun playing with.

The other part of this is I play both solo and with friends when there on and within 2-3 solo matches I have a group with me cause I ask if they have mics, at least 1-2 people do and turn them on and we have a blast. And after that the game continues on. But why not base a team game off teamplay? And the best teamplay comes from actually forming teams to play with and not soloing

Premade teams have better communication then pugs who are always quiet or no mics. Assuming they have mics and basically tell each other what to do and stuff