Why Battleborn F2P is not on Steam front page?

Freaking Awesomenauts were announcing their F2P transition long before it happened through Steam Front Page, why Battleborn is not doing it when it already went F2P? Don’t make the same mistake again, please, let people know that game is available to play for free.


That’s odd. It’s certainly on the Xbox’s storefront page.

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Yeah, I’m really concerned about this. It should be plastered all over the front store page. How are people supposed to even find out that Battleborn went free to play, they’ve only mentioned it through Battleborn/Gearbox social media channels, that’s not enough, most people who follow them there either already have Battleborn and have played it or know about it and aren’t interested. What about people who aren’t following BB/GBX news? Those are the people they need to reach…


I didn’t notice this until now, this is actually super important, time to get gearbox’s full attention in hope for a change.

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Why aren’t you shoving BB into everyones faces? D:


Maybe they have to wait for 2k to give their ok. If so, they’d better give it soon because we really, really desperately need it advertised big time on the Steam front page, especially since PC appears to be the weakest platform.


Or maybe they wait for this Friday?
And yes. It’s a real shame. I access to Steam store and no single sign of Battleborn announcement until I think about how Battleborn situation went and type to search it.
But then I have a feeling that this Friday must have something like Spring sales,because Humble and other store did but not Steam. I hope both Gearbox and 2K have more than one plan in their mind…

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I don’t know, is my honest answer.

Those decisions are made by others. Gearbox development has been asking many of the same questions.


You should take advantage of this and first fix the pvp mode bugs like minions ignoring each other and stuff, and then launch a promo so that when new people actually get in - they don’t get turned off by the bugs. Also, just my opinion, but consider lowering the gate of leaving novice area - it feels kinda lonely up here, and also I am concerned with the people not sticking long enough to reach 20 (as far as I remember - it is not a fast process), plus I hope they know they need to reach 20 in order to unlock “real” queue? Do they get told that somewhere in the game interface? I got my fingers crossed for you guys.

I’d say let them be against each other for a while regardless before they reach a meat grinder because the skill gap is very real

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That very well may be, but what happens if the influx of new players becomes so small that there will be nobody for them to play with in those novice queues? Eventually the newcomers will reach level 20 and join regular quick play, leaving novice play empties and empties, and as far as I heard - some novices have trouble finding games even now.

Far better solution would be to just let everyone into the quick play after level 3, but to actually match people with other people of their approximate level/pvp play time.

The fact that you didnt try to correct the OP and say “its not f2p its a trial” means you agree it should definitely say f2p on steam page? :stuck_out_tongue:

It is still not in the Steam top 99 games yet. I expect it will but you need more than word of mouth to get people on board. I hope you have a big push at E3 this year as this is were all the gamers are focused at the moment. If Battleborn is to go the distance you need to grab more players.