Why Battleborn is kind of a joke atm

Devs seriously need to address balancing issues, along with timing. Okay. Let me just say that I say this with love because I think Battleborn could potentially be the best “heroic shooter” out there.

Okay. Here it goes. Some feedback.

(1) Some “heroes” are downright unplayable and the meta right now definitely favors certain hero combos (looking at you Benedict/Boulder/Alani combo, in particular). I guess that’s par for the game considering hero shooters seem to fall under this umbrella of “hero shooters”. Don’t believe me? Look at how certain heroes have basically fallen off the roster these past couple of months?
How the hell am I supposed to have a good line of sight for Benedict when I’m focusing Boulder (or vice versa)? Lame.

(2) Crit boxes are inconsistent. In Overwwatch at least the crit boxes are near similar sizes.

(3) Tanks. Tanks are like DPS that have extra armor. You other guys in the party? Screw ya all! I have regen/shield/dash… whatever ability that is extremely selfish and non-beneficial to the team. What the hell is going on with tanks? They just harass (at best), which doesn’t define the tank role of adding beneficial protection to the TEAM.

(4) Blizzard is dealing with some backlash right now about Overwatch. As much as several of you cringe over the comparison of Overwatch and Battleborn - whether you like it or not - the two games are placed in “hero shooter” genre, and this surge of new players are probably fed up with Overwatch. Gearbox takes a vacation while this happens?
SALE THE ■■■■ OUT OF THIS GAME. Battleborn is better than Overwatch on so many levels and in so many ways, it’s ridiculous. You all are out chillin’ and not giving a ■■■■. This game is gonna die!

(5) Gear.
Newb stomping isn’t just because of horrible matchmaking; it’s the gear. The gear destroys this game. I get it: You like the customization of gear in regard to gameplay. Your gear is infinitely far better than newb gear. Telling new players to play PvE before PvP is … discouraging. It’s a GRIND. GRIND. GRIND.
You wanna play this game?
Play the campaign mode until you get gear nearly as good as a seasoned player.
One of the things I love about Overwatch - an inferior game, mind you - is that gear is a non-issue.

(6) Battleborn needs to strut its stuff.
I love Battlleborn AND Overwatch. That said, Battleborn has more going for it. Further, other “hero shooters” are not nearly as creative. Battleborn is THE ■■■■. Seriously. You guys need to pump out more and with more passion.
Why do I say this? SOOOOO many reasons.
Okay. First off: Your female characters are actually interesting. Most of the Overwatch cast is dull. SUPER dull.

“Don’t compare the two games”

■■■■ you! Whether you like it or not the two games are compared. They are “hero shooters”. People leave Overwatch to play this game because it might be similar yet radically different. They are competitors whether you like it or not. Deal.

ANYWAY. Back to what I was saying.

Battleborn (to me anyways) offers so much more! It’s a traged there is such… forgive me but… crap. Crap. Crap. Crap.

As for all of your elitest jerks: seriously, go f*ck yourselves!
Most of the new players are going to be totally turned off by you taunting them and being a total arse.

■■■■ off.

GAWD! This game has so much freakin’ potential, which is why I say all of this. Overwatch has its perks and I enjoy playing it, but THIS game has style and personality. I LOVE THIS GAME. Devs, please step the ■■■■ up. Players, think of player retention. OMG. This is an amazing game. STOP RUINING THE ■■■■ OUT OF IT.


I’m done.

Fix yo’ issues and realize your potential. Stop being douchebags. Overwatch will long live you folks, if you don’t wise up. ■■■■ off, you ■■■■■■■■.


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I’m sorry, but i had to flag this (my second ever). I’ve seen four or so threads that started off this way, and not one of them ended well.


The idea is good, but your presentation is awful.

Maybe try again with less profanity-laced insults.