Why BB have small online

120k copies sold (steam) , online per day is near 2k-4k , why?

I have 3 friend who buy BB and not play now.

First of all Bad optimization, yes-yes agan. and i’m is realy agreed with them. And told about it in other topics.
Owervatch for example have better graphics,detalisation and going very smoothly.
Devs didn’t told about any works in way of optimization…

Ranked game - yes someone told about it will be in future, but who need ranked if game lagging as hell ?

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That’s possible for pc.I remember a week before OW launch.There were a lot of troll threads from OW fanboys.I don’t see any of them lately so they probably left the game for OW.Noted that steam forum for BB is only available for people who owns the game for some reasons.Idk what the mod was thinking but he pretty much locked every single thread that talks bad about the game.Imo since the forum is only available for people who own the game .They have a right to complain on the game forum even if the complain is not constructive.It reminds me of evolve’s steam forum.

If you are getting that 2-4K online from steamcharts that not per day that is at a given moment. We have many time zones so that doesn’t mean only 2-4K different people played that day, just at that moment.

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It is getting lower and lower. 2.2k players in the last 24 hours on Steam. I pointed out the core problem in my topics, the faster Gearbox fixes it, the faster they will see influx of players coming back. The pointed out problem is the core of frustrations and nobody likes playing frustrating games, I am still here, playing (less and less because of what I’ve written, after 100 hours of being optimistic, my optimism is slowly but surely going down)

That is the peak of players at a moment not how many people played in the last 24 hours.

So if you average 2K players at a time and lets say the average player played for 2 hours that means that about 24,000 different people logged on and played.

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This chart says otherwise…the player base has a regressive curve, which means, the population on PC platform is slowly going down to 0 unless Gearbox wakes up and fixes the problem.


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That is exactly what I’m talking about, it measures how many people are playing at a certain time not how many played all day.

So what I said above remains true unless the 2K people playing all are playing for 24 hours which is not the case.

It’s still an irrelevant number.The same could be said about any other games as well(Total audiences are always gonna be higher than CCP),But concurrent players are what really matters.If it gets really low,a decent matchmaking would be impossible.Sugar coating it won’t help.

Not saying the numbers are big but saying 2-4K out of 120K people are playing is very different than 20-40K out of 120K people are playing on a regular basis

My bad i didn’t notice op’s misconception about steam current players.

Y’know that really does boost my confidence. I never really considered how many players it really was over 24 hrs.

I just picked the 2 hour average time out of nowhere just a guess so that number is really rough, could be higher or lower I really don’t know

That seems like a reasonable average based on my own experiences and people I know who play

It doesn’t say which time zone the Steam charts are for. Also, how many unique players played all day, doesn’t matter really. Maybe to profit charts to see how many have been sold…and that is just a number irrelevant to the gamer and the health of the game’s fan base which is required for sustaining good matchmaking.

Current number of players at any time though…that has A LOT of impact on the game and how it is perceived. It is the number of players currently playing the game at that recorded hour and is in the pool for matchmaking for PvP (minus people who are in the game and playing PvE). And doesn’t really matter how many left and how many came (the chart shows generally, more people leave than come).

For example from June 1st until June 2nd, if you sum up per hour numbers, the total 24-hour count was 41363, and that means, this is the maximum possible number of players IF they all switched every hour. If you average that per 24 hours, it results in an average of 1723 players every hour BUT they are not. So the number of unique players is roughly 6k at most in 24-hour span because you can find majority of same unique players in several different hour brackets during the 24 hours.

Again I was just saying 2-4k players a day was incorrect.

I don’t understand why people complain of poor optimization in Battleborn. The game runs perfectly smooth on my end and while I do have a gaming rig, it’s nothing over the top. None of my friends have reported any lag or framerate issue either. I do hear Echelon and Coldsnap are problematic maps for some, but no one I’ve ever played with reported having issues with them and they were optimized in the latest patch.

And I’d contest that Overwatch has better graphics, I really would.

I’ve spoken about this kind of thing again but I’m not afraid of bringing it up once more. As it’s pretty much one of the main reasons I’m not at all interested in Overwatch. It is, frankly, the most underwhelming and uninspired aesthetic I’ve seen. I’m not lying when I say I have trouble parsing it for that reason. It all melts into a verisimilitude-powered melange.

If all you care about is fidelity, then maybe? But there are games out there and due for release that do fidelity far better. The new Unreal Tournament, the upcoming Lawbreakers game from Bosskey. Both of them do fidelity better.

The issue I personally have with Overwatch is that it doesn’t have an identity. They made all of this lore but it has nothing to do with the game itself. I’ve actually seen people on the official Battle.net forums talk at length about this (I did some research just to make sure I wasn’t the only one). No one knows how the lore actually ties into the game itself.

Then you have the heroes, who’re all… I’m sorry to say this, because there’s no polite way to say this, but they’re aimed at a less clever, straight male demographic. The men are dumb faux masculine power fantasies, the women are so objectified and meant for men to drool over that it’s nauseating. You don’t have even just one body positive woman in Overwatch.

No, not Mei, either. I’ve mentioned this before too but her coat is actually just large. I’ve seen a lot of people extrapolate how she looks under it and the official concept art for her confirms it, too. She’s a little stocky and voluptuous, aside from that though she has the same hourglass figure that all the women of Overwatch do.

And the maps?

It’s not just that they’re not interesting (because they’re really not), but that they don’t serve a believable view of a place. There’s not enough clutter, and where there is clutter, it only serves gameplay purposes rather than helping to build a believable world location. I’m not alone in this, either. Lots of Overwatch players have mentioned this, you’d have to be really unobservant to the point about not noticing day-to-day detail at all to be able to miss it.

It is meant to be set on earth, after all.

And what an earth. What a stereotypical earth that doesn’t really at all understand the nuances of any of the locations it shows. Each place exists as a perspective of a person who’s never been there, who’s only read about it in a wiki article online. They all have that ‘outsider’ perspective, ‘Numbani’ especially.

In fact, that location really bugs me because it’s the most generic idyllic future setting I’ve ever seen and it’s been over-used by sci-fi for years. The Citadel in Mass Effect used it, too, and to much better effect. Someone basically took that and just added arches, because arches are the most culturally relevant thing, right?

Sure, it has lots of bright, flashy lights to keep the hyperactive and dopamine-addled happy, but insofar as actual detail or interesting level design? They fail, so much. Give me any of Battleborn’s campaign levels any day.

I just really have to contest that Overwatch has ‘better graphics.’ I can’t help it. All I see when I look at it are sexual fantasies bouncing around (like hyperactive bunnies) through the most unimaginative, one dimensional locations conceivable.

The thing is is that this is typical of Blizzard. World of Warcraft had much the same problem. Green zone, red zone, blue zone, pink zone… Just change the trees and lighting, and now it’s totally different! It’s better after the Cataclysm expansion, but for the longest time, that’s how it was. I think that’s why I had trouble ever getting into it.

That’s why whenever I hear of Blizzard having any graphical talent I’m left scratching my head. Oh, sure, Blizzard North did with Diablo and all but that was a separate company and none of the people who worked on that are there any more. They’re now working at Runic Games and Gazillion, respectively.

It’s just my opinion, but yeah. Better graphics? I just really don’t see it. The only way it could possibly be ‘better’ in someone’s head is if all they care about are bland, not distracting locations and 60FPS.

I suppose there could be people like that! But I don’t personally get them.

Edit: I’m going to say a thing! And I won’t regret it because it’s true. Battleborn is more visually creative in one pun (arms depot, with robotic arms) than Overwatch is in its entirety.


The game only runs badly on crap hardware. It runs great for me.

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@Derch, this damage control doesn’t really help the fact that it’s becoming increasingly difficult to get a game started. This week’s hotfix is so disappointing I wouldn’t be surprised if the downward trend continued.

I’ll repeat what I and many others already said multiple times: Steam allows updates to be pushed way more often than once a month, with no lengthy certification process, so why not make use of it and bring the PC updates faster?
And I’ll get the same reply: because the devs don’t want to fragment the player base.
And the discussion continues with “but there’s no cross-platform play, what’s the deal?”, while the concurrent Steam players counter silently drops below the 7 year old Sims 3.

You nailed it with your post, especially this point. Overwatch has no soul. Its generically “pretty”, but it just has absolutely no soul or character. Its the blandest thing I’ve seen in ages and I am absolutely baffled at the rave reviews it has received.