Why Benedict does need a BUFF

Benedict is one of the most useless characters IMO.
His role in any versus mode is really not significant , almost making him a fly to feed on.
Now I know there are some good Benedicts out there ,but the numbers are very very few.

Main problam with him is his main weapon, UPR-SM23 :

  1. Area radius effect ((when landing on ground or anything else)) too small.
  2. The rockets’ speed is way too slow.
  3. Homing missles dont stay very long.

This is very critical about him because all this cons make benedict’s performance ((at flushing enemy waves of minions and killing Heroes)) very low for most players.
His high performance mobilty isn’t enough to make Ben players a threat or usefull as long as they can barely hit their opponents.

What he needs is a buff either on his rockets’ speed or their radius exploding range or both.
Right now his potantiel is very low among most players in battleborn and I hope he’s not gonna stay that way

@momilai, I both agree and disagree.

Benie needs some love. His PVP lore things suck. I hope they are fixing it. I am level 14 with him and won’t go further til I can “Master” him and I don’t PVP, yet.

You are right, many of his attacks and skills could use some rework (unlike the massive NERF-pocolypse that has been going on with other characters). I am tired of having to use three direct hits from rockets to take out a skulk. It is sad that I have to finely tune his gear so he can survive to level 5 on indoor maps.

However, I love playing him.
I love flying over the battlefield raining rockets.
I love soaring majestically over landscapes, dropping in on loot and disappearing again.
He is just a hoot (pununintended) to play.

Maybe give him one or two more in the magazine (with a skill perhaps).
Maybe make his area of effect a bit larger.
But he definitely needs work.

Great post btw, you will receive upvotes when my two hour ban is lifted.

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I feel like his projectile speed needs a boost, and maybe a laser guidance helix option so that his shots home in toward where you are aiming at the cost of some AoE damage .

You perfectly explained why he is labelled as “Advanced”.

Also, if you think Benedict need a buff, while knowing some can play him really well, you are going to turn him into a killing machine for whoever already can kill others without much problem.
Also, that mean the character is fine, you just need to know how to play him. Which is why i made a Guide and a Build for him in this very own section.

If you mean the “Get X kills while being in midair”, it’s actually pretty easy? Don’t know why you have so much trouble with it.

Aim for their faces? It’s a single rocket kill, and they don’t move much.

Please, just no. I already can’t stand Benedict. 90% of the time Benedict lands his homing ability (hawk eye?) late game, you’re gonna die. Benedict can pump out over 1,000 damage in seconds with one ability and his normal attack.

I don’t think he needs a buff. AT ALL

If anything a rework would be nice to replace his effectiveness to other parts of his kit but honestly I don’t see how that could really be done with his current kit.

Benedict is one of the strongest heroes, it makes no sense to buff him. You don’t buff a character because people don’t know how to play them. And it’s not really that hard to play him either; jump, shoot, reload, repeat. So many people sit back with Benedict shooting from the perch on Overgrowth instead pushing and being a force.

Buff Benedict?! Oh no. No way in hell. We are keeping him where he is. We are DOING that.

Seriously though, Benedict is one of the few characters i can lay waste with, and to avoid the infamous"git gud" suggestion, i will suffice to say that he may just not be for you. I love Orendi, she is my second favorite character, but i CANNOT make her work in PVP. I can’t, and i ACCEPT it. You may be wondering why a Benedict user would be against a buff to him. The answer? Because i don’t want to see him buffed, and then subsequently beaten to death with the equally infamous “nerf bat”. Let sleeping hawks… fly?

@Corrsk the reason I have so much trouble with it is that I don’t play PVP.

I find it difficult to make a direct critical hit on a skulk without being on the ground where any sane bird doesn’t like to be. Of course, when many of them spawn quickly, even being on the ground doesn’t help.

I think, once again we are talking about difference between using characters in PVP vs. PVE.

But I could be wrong.

No. Please no. He doesn’t need any buffs. I have around 200 PVP matches with him and I feel he is perfectly fine where he is. If he gets any buffs, he’ll absolutely dominate harder than he already can. If he gets buffed, then overperforms, they will possibly nerf him to the point on unviability. It’s been seen in other games with hero shooter elements.

He’s bad early game, but starts to pick up steam at the middle levels and onward. An example of the same time of powerspike (though not nearly as potent) is Rath. Problem is, Benedict is harder to use to his full potential at these spikes than Rath. This can turn people away from Benedict because of the difficulty of his playstyle, compared to a character who is easier to notice these powerspikes on.

Asking for a buff because “very very few” can use him correctly doesn’t make any sense. It’d be like me asking for a buff to Attikus because all I do with him is feed every match. I’m awful with him, but I’ve seen a few of them annihilate the enemy.

Wait until you go against a Benedict that actively participates and does more than backdoor cheese your sentry for the entirety of the match like a majority of them do.

this topic is jokes, but im not even mad at you as I was one of those players that sucked with him and couldnt aim his rockets for nothing, NOW lets just say I honestly believe im one of the best bene users. Not to mention it does say “ADVANCED CHARACTER” in his info box. I see that your a pve player too which in all honesty they are never going to nerf or buff a player through how bad or good they do in that mode. nerf and buff are strictly pvp performance.

Benedict will not lose a 1v1 unless he gets Galt traped and honestly a good bene should be able to dodge that grab.

If the homing lasted for 6-8 2nds most enemy players would die in one clip come on man, thats a problem you dont want trust me.

and if you seriously cant aim rockets at the skull of the enemies either practice bene more or switch characters as bene just isnt for you. ive never had a problem with killing pve monsters only PvP enemies in my earlier stages of benedict where I forced myself to get good with him.

While I certainly agree that he doesn’t need a buff, he could make get a few tweaks to lower that “advanced” bar just a tad

What about a helix mutation that made his rockets do less damage, but with a much bigger splash radius?

Pro players would skip it, because less damage. But people just learning Bene could use it as a crutch until they learned to aim the rockets better.

In fact, put it at level 7. Scrap Multi Loader, that pile of garbage. Add a new mutation instead “Wide Spread : -20% damage, +100% blast radius.” It fits much better with the other options at that level. (Numbers pending testing and adjustment)

Let’s talk about the game. Not other forum users.

I played with someone yesterday that consistantly went ~ 16/1 on incursion give or take a few. That seems like a pretty fair score to me, I dont think he needs a buff at all if you take time to know his roll.

Errrrr buff Benedict? I main Benedict and OM currently and benedict is just a beast. He is soft but he kills so fast minions or bosses don’t stand a chance! Always aim for the enemies’ feet when fighting at long to medium range, and aim the head at close range for crazy crits. He is like a sniper with exploding bullets!

No he needs NOTHING changed, hes one of those characters that’s in the PERFECT SPOT… blast radius is perfectly fine too. You cant have every character on easy mode with the learning curve that would make the game boring. Just like me and any other bene player figured out how to aim with his rockets (I even have a Topic complaining that I need help aiming) others can learn how to as well. Those pro players sucked with him at one point to remember that. Once you get good with him I don’t know how to explain it but its like you feel Benedicts gun, your one with it and all your rockets hit. I know this sound corny but all beast benedict users will understand what Im saying.

I used to play benedict like this and was the main reason why I sucked with him that playstyle didn’t work for me, I thought he was a ranged fighter until Corrsk guide I realized hes a in your face, flank from the air fighter. play him like a Bomber jet plane is my best explanation for him. lift is only for escaping not initiating.

Bomber planes have to be directly above there target, Benedict is best used that same way. Fly towards your target shooting 2 rockets, reload, fall from the air activating hawkeye and then unload your whole clip into them. This should kill them, if it doesn’t… call upon the BOOMSDAY GODS

Lighten up, Francis.

Just because you think Benedict is totes perf doesn’t mean he can’t stand to get tweaked a bit.

First and foremost, his Multiloader helix is garbage. It needs to be replaced.

It just so happens that Multiloader is at the same level as skills that affect his rockets’ AoE. Makes sense to have another similar skill at the same level to give players more options.

Swapping out Multiloader for something that helps people learn the character won’t ruin your experience, I promise.

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IF Benedict were here right now, he would have mixed emotions about this thread.
First off sayin’ he needs a buff is like sayin’ he’s useless. That is some HURTFUL ■■■■ RIGHT THERE!!!
But more importantly… Benedict is perfect the way he is.
The way the Great Eagle made him.
Just let him be himself.
The glorious, amazing, winged beauty… DAMN I’M SEXY!!!

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I vote we nerf his other wing!

You go ahead and try it.
In the words of ISIC… I ■■■■■■■ dare you.
You should know I’m sitting in a folding chair in a darkened room tappin’ my Boomsday all threatening like with my claw. It’s actually pretty awesome. I wish you could see it. And hear it. Use your imagination.