Why Benedict does need a BUFF

You mean the Boomsday rocket i found in your room on Nova, and discreetly coated in the Avian Flu virus? I’d stop tapping it, if i were you.

No… I mean the REAL Boomsday rocket I keep on my person at ALL TIMES.
You really think I’m stupid enough to keep MY rocket launcher in a room all by itself? ALONE? With Toby runnin’ around? Hell no. I ain’t no dodo.
Incidentally… I may or may not have rubbed my DECOY down with stong transdermal laxatives.
I DO hope you were wearing SOME kind of protection when you touched it.
Otherwise… I’d be gettin’ myself to a bathroom reeeeallllll soon.

Oh THAT’S what that was… You win again, gravity!

By the way, I really enjoy our unspoken rivalry; it’s things like this that keep me from going to work with my Saiga 12.

I agree with the points you made about Benedict. He is one of my favorite characters and if he gets at least one of the buffs like you mentioned, that would be great! So far though, Gearbox only have been nerfing characters. He needs the LOVE! L-O-V-E, WITH GLITTER AND S***!

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His helix build counters all of the “problems” you have brought up.

Breaking Character…

In the unlikely event that last comment was not a joke I feel the need to state the following…

The cost in human life, the loss of freedom, and the loss of morality that would result from such an action and weigh on your conscience is not worth the momentary satisfaction or the media attention.
While the civilized world can be frustrating, it also provides a large number of benefits, and it is almost never worth losing your control.
There is a time and a place for aggression and venom. Save it for a time when you might really need it and don’t waste it needlessly on trivial frustrations.

And now… assuming that was a joke… I too enjoy our interactions. However, SHHHHHHH!!!

Ah HA! I KNEW someone would automatically assume that i meant a killing spree! Allow me to add the final sentence of that particular post:

Because when i get bored at work (armed security), i clean my guns.

Works every rime…

Breaking Character…

I can’t decide whether I love your comment trap for being amazing or hate it for falling into it.
Well played.

Had to get you back for that laxative; i think i shat a lung…