Why Bot Battle?

Im confused why this hasn’t been moved to the training section of the main menu and why it keeps rotating with the core game modes. it only makes sense for it to be there as it basically is a for of allowing newer players to learn how to play a full game of any type.
Honestly confused as to why it hasn’t but i guess id like to hear what other people have to say about this as i cant think of a reason why not to…

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Because it doesn’t matter where it is. It will still be bots battle.


um… did you actually read what i wrote. it is taking much better game modes place on the playlist selector… that is a major issue. i dont care what it is… i care that its taking away the real game modes

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If bots battle were moved somwhere else it wouldn’t be replaced with another queue. There just be one less queue. It’s not taking the place of anything.


lol nevermind XD

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Is not… Is a mode like any other, is for ppl who have anxiety or want to relax. Is like any other pvp mode.

It doesnt matter where it gets moved it will still be there and ppl will play it ovee any other mode if thats what they like.

Conclusion it does not matter ppl will play it over other “real game” modes


Little known Fact:

Bots Battle is actually an acronym:

Battleborn Online Training Simulation

Bad Ass Trial Testing Legendary Execution Skillz

B.O.T.S. B.A.T.T.L.E.


i have over 700 hours in battleborn and i play bots battle a lot. it’s not only for newbies but also for PVE player who want to get lore and quests done.


Training? Seriously?

I’m part of a Discord group that does pre-mades for Bots, never PvP.

Think I need training?
If anyone can set it up, I’ll take any PvP player, with any character.


There’s room for another mode if they want to run four.


What @GreyWarden007 said.

If your concern is that Bots Battle is diluting the PvP pool, I think your concern is misplaced. People who play a lot of Bots Battle aren’t going to stop doing that if the the queue is moved elsewhere, and taking the queue away wouldn’t make those people all jump into other PvP modes: some of them might, but there’s a good reason why Bots Battle is popular, and the experience of those other PvP modes is the primary reason why quite a few of us avoid it like the plague.


Breaking Character…

PC player here.

Bots Battle at least gives me the opportunity to play PVP.
Here are my problems…

I am not always able to get on during peak hours.
I’m a casual player for reasons I’ve specified elsewhere.
I do not feel like waiting 20-25 minutes to get into a match when I’ve only got 2 hours to spare.
I do not feel like getting stomped by the same two premades over and over again when I don’t have anyone available to play with me. (Even when I do manage to get a team together most days)
I do not like curb stomping noobs.
I do not like finally getting into what looks like a decent match only to have two or three people leave my team because they don’t like the map selection.
I do not like being disconnected or seeing teammates disconnected in match.
I do not like waiting to get into a match just to have my team call for surrender at the first sign of trouble.
I am torn between being angry and not wanting to upset someone when I see them running for shards when our sentry is under attack.

In short… PVP on PC is more trouble than it’s worth as a PC player.
These are all continuing issues I have had with PVP on PC since launch.

Bots Battle allows me to actually play a PVP mode and complete lore challenges because I cannot do them any other way as a casual player on PC.

Now… on the rare occasions I have gotten into a balanced and competitive match, PVP on PC has been really REALLY fun. Any other time, it’s just a bear to even attempt, and quite frankly, I don’t have the patience for it when I just want to chill for an hour or two.

Bots Battle is a casual friendly mode that actually gives you loot/lore challenge completions for playing, and while it can be really, really easy, that is its benefit. It is for people who don’t feel like waiting, who just want a pretty much guaranteed quick, friendly PVP experience without getting stomped.


I’m confused. You run pre-mades… against bots? I presume you are PC then? Perhaps not. But that isn’t the weird part.

While the OP is wrong, I don’t think the intent was to be like… what you’re saying. “Oh if you play Bots Battle you aren’t a real PVP player” or anything like that – that’s not what the OP was saying. It’s hard to put into words.

Also, though, when was the last time you had an actual match against equal players? Not trying to be aggressive or hostile, I am genuinely curious (i think I’ve said that word for word before, huh). Specifically, it’s two questions: when’s the last time you had a good 5v5 private match against friends/equally skilled players, and when’s the last time you had a good match in public matchmaking – also against equally skilled players.

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Your post mentions the worst problem with BB - matchmaking - and I haven’t heard a single mention of it being addressed. I don’t like PVP, but I enjoy this game and might actually play some PVP if matchmaking actually worked. I know everyone said the current system would work with enough players, but I don’t think there’s going to be a huge influx of players at this point. Until matchmaking is improved, all the character balancing in the world isn’t going keep people playing when they know from the beginning of the match that it isn’t going to be remotely fun.


Jythri himself said he wants to rework the matchmaking system, IIRC. Check the dev history, that’s definitely not all.

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Story normal queue should also go in Tutorial? It’s not challenging enough? For “casuals only section”?

What is this?

Can we play for fun ?


bots battle is not pvp it’s pve

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It’s literally in the definition (Player versus Player requires that the opponent be another person playing the game. AI opponents in any form classifies the mode as Player versus Environment).


Eh. Semantics.
Yeah, technically it’s PVE so… how about…
It’s the closest I can get to the PVP modes on PC.

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It’s VERSUS, not STORY mode.

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