Why can I melt mobs, but can't kill bosses on Mayhem 10?

I’m using a Hellzerker built and completely destroy mobs, but I can’t even kill Tom and Xam to farm a Soulrender. I run out of ammo in my Sand Hawk and can’t even kill one of them. What am I doing wrong?

I don’t know but I find this funny because we are in a reverse situation. I can kill both of them with one to two shots on M10 but mobbing is so rough.

What platform are you on?

I find bosses in the main game are easy at MH 10 (especially shielded ones like the Traunts)–mobs are much harder when they are filled with badasses and annointed enemies. However, in DLC 2 I find the bosses much tougher. I also went through most of my ammo against Tom and Xam but did kill them. When I fought the final boss in MH 10 I didn’t die, but used 90% of my ammo. I take out the Traunts, Katagawa Ball, Katagawa Jr. in under 10 seconds on MH 10 using just the new Atlas AR but it’s much less effective in DLC 2. Not sure you’re doing anything wrong–I just think the bosses in that DLC are harder than the main game.


If either of you are on PS I’m down to run the farm with the twins to help out☺️

I’m on PS4.

Add me if your up to farm/mob

Psn yourmamaluvsme

I think you’re 100% correct. I farmed for a M10 Anarchy and the DLC2 mobs were way more difficult than the ones in the vanilla game. It seems to be some wacky stuff going on with the damage, can’t quite put my finger on it.

Maybe something to do with the uhhh… I forget their names. The little jellyfish looking guys, Sraakers or something, they heal other enemies and sort of act like makeshift surveyors. I didn’t even realize they were doing it until I caught on in the act one time. After that I make sure to focus them down first.

I’m finding Graveward and Tyreen a LOT harder. Mobs are still not a problem for me, but for them I need to get a Krak with a better anoint. I was using ASE 100% damage before, but right now best I got is ASE 75% rad. If I could get that anoint, or consecutive hits, I’m pretty sure I can plow through them both like I did before.

krak vs graveward pre patch was about one mag while sliding.
now… weapons are 6x weaker than before- so bosses need 6times more bullets
so also after finding the best annointment – that 6x weaker factor will remain.

Simply a matter of health scaling. Bosses have much more health than mobs and that means that 12500% bonus health is a much bigger difference on bosses than it is on mobs. Well, that and the Sandhawk of course does eat through ammo at a pretty quick rate.

Xam and Tom use up a lot of my ammo too. I’m using M10 lob on them but even a full ammo won’t kill them, I have to use other weapons after. When I get one with sntnl cryo should be just lob needed though. Sand Hawk chews through ammo too so bring something else with you for when you’re out.