Why can’t I access commander lilith and the fight for sanctuary dlc anymore

I downloaded the free dlc for the x box one and played through it Last month and now I can’t access it. I was wondering why.


I’m having this same problem. It act’s like I don’t have or own the dlc and that it’s not installed.

I tried deleting the dlc and reinstalling it but the problem persists.

The only thing i can think of is when the free dlc period ended it screwed up some people’s games by trying to say they don’t have the dlc since they didn’t buy it.


There’s a way to file a support ticket on the Gearbox site or if that doesn’t work, maybe file one with the Xbox store

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same thing just happened to me. Not sure why gearbox or Microsoft would go into my xbox to remove a file that has already been downloaded. creepy. I’d pay the usd 14.99 to get it back but tried that and it says it is already downloaded.

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I’m not sure if this is the correct URL


but I found this from a previous thread or maybe something here



I’m pretty sure the file didn’t get physically deleted from your console as Micrsoft can’t physically do that. You can check in Games & Apps > Manage BL2 - it should still be showing as a separate file unless you deleted it yourself to make room for something else. (I just checked mine, and it’s still there and accessible.)

The DRM/licence has gotten screwed up on several Borderlands titles in the last year or two at different times. The last time something like this happened, it was only affecting people in the XBox Preview Program. If you know you didn’t delete the DLC (an ~5 GB file) but you’re in the preview program, it could be related to any recent update.

The link @ChemicalConundrum posted is correct. Make sure you grab your shift support ID from the in-game menu (Extras > Shift) - instructions are included on the form.


Thanks, will try that.

I downloaded the DLC first day it came out and had it two days ago. Got on to play yesterday and it’s gone, including the new level cap.

I’ve reset my xbox 1 and uninstalled/reinstalled the game. Under “Dowloadable Content” it shows “free” but when I go to that, it takes me to the $14.99 game on the Microsoft store.

Also, it says “new content available” and when I click yes, I go back to the title screen and nothing happens.

I’ve seen a few other people mention on reddit that they have had the same issue.

I dont want to pay for the game since I got it when it was free. Any help would be appreciated!

same thing happened to me last night. I posted about that in another thread last night as well. i put in a support ticket to gearbox, i think i did anyway…i hit “submit” and received no confirmation, it just forwarded me to a 2K site.

Merged into the support thread. See comments and the link to the support desk above.

Just got this response from gearbox support. Does anyone know what she is talking about? I am on xbox one using the handsome collection - xbox one version…not xbox 360.

" It seems as though your DLC content does not appear when playing Borderlands 2 using Xbox One’s Backwards Compatibility feature, is that correct? I can certainly understand how this would be a cause for concern and allow me to explain what can be done as best as possible.

  • Let’s start off with explaining how the feature is supposed to work. Microsoft made the game available for download for anyone who owned it previously on Xbox 360. For this reason, you are not actually using your disc to install the game but need to instead verify your ownership of the game with your Xbox Live credentials.
  • Because of this, you do not get the exact same content you owned previously but instead the version that Microsoft had made available for Backwards Compatibility. This means that the content that is available currently is what your account is marked as having ownership of.
  • Sadly we do not have the ability to add DLC to this version if it was not included. You can find more information on what we mean by visiting here.

If you have questions on whether the DLC will be made available in the future, you should direct those to Xbox Support Link, click me!"


If you just put “BL2” and didn’t specify “Handsome Collection” in your ticket, they probably just assumed about the backwards compatible thing - there was a great deal of confusion about whether the new DLC was supposed to work with this or not.

Just hit reply to that email and post at the top that you’re talking about the Handsome Collection version of the game. I’d also paste in a link to this thread.

BTW - Are you in the preview program? Subscribed through Game Pass? Details like that may be helpful.

I just responded to them, thank you for the suggestion. I clarified i am on xbox one using the handsome collection, but did state in my original request that i have been playing the DLC ever since it came out, so it’s clearly not a backwards compatibility issue. Appears she copied and pasted a standard reply re: backwards compatibility in her response rather than put any effort into resolving the issue. Hopefully i get a more thoughtful response this time.

Yeah - it’s the zendesk tracking system, so they’ll have a bunch of canned replies in the system. Usually, that’s a good thing, but once in a while when things are busy something like this happens.

Same here, XB1 Handsome Collection made specifically for the XB1

Thanks and sorry about that!

Uninstalling and reinstalling the handsome collection wouldn’t delete that DLC file would it?

Yes, it would.

@Child_Please, @executiverogue, @CommonDefence, @starsplayhockey: since this seems to be at least in part a licensing issue, it may also be worth contacting MS support.

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Crud. That means since I uninstalled/reinstalled I would have to buy the game now?

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I’m not sure what the situation with that is - GBX or MS support may know more, or you can check whatever the XB1 equivalent of Downloads History is. Since you had both the HC and the DLC before, you should in theory just be able to reinstall both.