Why can’t I access commander lilith and the fight for sanctuary dlc anymore

Thanks for all of your help good person!


Quick question for you now I’m actually back in front of my console:

If you go into My Games & Apps, select HC BL2 and “Manage” then “View in Store” then scroll down to Add-ons and click on the BL2: Commander Lilith - what does it say there? If you click on that, what do you see in the top-left of the product description?

I initially saw the price on the DLC but it also indicated it was installed; clicking through to see the product description I see “This product is installed” but there also appears to be a download icon?


Yes, by going to “manage game” and going to “ready to install” I was able to reinstall the game


Did it reinstall the DLC as well?

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I had to specifically reinstall the DLC. It’s like it uninstalled itself but stayed attached to just the game (it was not under ready to install for the regular games and apps)


FYI, i fired up the xbox 1 last night and everything worked perfectly…without me doing any fixes, uninstalls…nothing. Gremlins in the machine i guess.