Why can’t I become immune to an element

I recently decided to try stacking different items to become immune to an element. I first equipped Ember’s Blaze with 64% fire resist. Then equipped an artifact with 29% incendiary resist and a class mod with 20% incendiary resist. That gives a total of 113% resist, yet I still take fire damage.

There are shields like the Transformer and the Red Suit that offer immunity, so why can I not stack multiple resistance items to achieve the same effect? Please answer when you are able, thank you.

I believe its because the returns in damage reduction are diminishing, you’ll notably be taking less damage but the way theyre added together in tgthe e equasion wont equal a 100% thats built into the transformer - also anointed damage boosts are treated differently; where a 50% shock 10s ASE will damage the transformer

If it is indeed based on diminishing returns, do you know the equation they are using so I can figure out how much resist I am receiving?

After a little digging, came across this

Shock and radiation through shields, for fire Ember’s shield from the dlc gives great resistance and if you’re playing as Amara you can basically take a quarter of all fire damage that’s dealt with that shield, a good tanky mod and an artifact that has decent roles. Being the last one standing after a dragon attacks could have it’s perks one day.
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The equation for damage taken is: 1 / (100% + Res1 + Res2 + Res3 + …) so even if all resistances together were 200% you’d still take 33% damage (= 1/300%). It’s impossible to reduce damage to 0 except with a shield that gives outright immunity (Transformer, Red Suit).

There’s no quick way to calculate this because most resistance stats the game gives you aren’t what’s put in the formula, but the end result – assuming you’re using only one at a time. For example, this should be true for the shield:

The actual formula value for the shield is probably 180%, so damage taken is:

DmgTaken = 1 / (100% + 180%) = 1 / 280% = 35.7%

The resulting damage resistance thus is

100% - 35.7% = 64.3%

which is rounded and stated on the card as “64%”.

Similar reverse engineering is required to figure out the class mod’s formula value before putting it in the formula. To make matters worse, the game is inconsistent with how it gives resistance stats, the artifact value is probably the actual value in the formula.

Overall, I think you should get a total incendiary resistance of about 70% with these three items. After the big resistance from the shield, further returns are drastically diminished.

I explained it in more detail in the post that Steeveyb linked.

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