Why can’t I get the sanctuary quest board missons

I play on Xbox and have NEVER encountered a quest board mission in any of my playthroughs. Am I doing something wrong…?

Are you picking up the random lost echoes scattered throughout the game?

What echoes? I heard it just randomly appeared, I’m just trying to hunt indo tyrant

I have discovered the surefire way to actually get these quest board missions for hunting rare spawns:
If a friend of yours (who is playing in their own game while you’re playing in your own game) kills one of the rare spawns then you will receive a bounty board mission to kill that rare spawn.
Tested it with Road Pig, Indo Tyrant, Borman Nates, Urist McEnforcer, and Maxitrillion. Was playing while friends killed them in their game and vice-versa…lo and behold, I got a sanctuary bounty board quest to kill whoever they killed.
I believe you have to be in-game for it happen but I’m not sure on that.

I do not have any friends that play so do I just keep trying to get him to spawn?