Why can't Ambra's Sunspot heal like Kleese's Rift or Miko's Ult?

I think she’s great the way she is its just one thing that bugs me about her and that’s her sunspot, Why can’t the sunspot heal unlimited and just have the health bar to be you know its health bar? They did it with Kleese 's Rifts and Miko’s Ult, why can’t it be the same with her sunspots? that would make the enemy more prone to destroy them then her Solar Burst and Soothing Sunlight helix choices would make them more viable, giving her the staff cooldown thing wasn’t really needed cuz it didn’t help cuz either way most people go for the Radiant Halberd mutation cuz its way better, and it would be better than just staying behind a wall replenishing the sunspot health cuz the moment a wave passes its gone and as a healer you always have to be on the move, well that’s just my opinion as someone who doesn’t see the use on the staff/sunspot cooldown reduction thing. what do you guys think?

Sounds like a bucket of “no” to me

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Let’s buff Ambra, so she becomes 100% undestroyable ;D I mean, she only is 90% undestroyable now. ^,^ ^.^’ >.<

Okay, seriously though… I’ve always hated how quickly sunspots go down. I only want to use them for healing, but those annoying things also attack enemies and that way they are gone in like a second.

So I think it would be great if they don’t drain but just have a lower max health, or Ambra gets a way to choose if the sunspots just heal, or heal and attack.

After they nerf her, of course.

Nope please. At level 12 the health bar becomes dynamic enough. She’s not Kleese. Let her be herself


Im not saying she bad on the contrary she’s one of my mains, its just wondering why was Ambra’s sunspot made to work like that, well im mostly ranting about this cuz of Soothing Sunlight and Solar Burst cuz i can guarantee everyone goes for Blessing of the Sun and like the cooldown on Scorching Stikes just made her more good early game before you get the Radiant Halberd, it just bugs me and i want to know the thought process as to why? like they be more useful in a way like you barely see people aiming for the sunspot in a lane cuz they die by themselves.

I prefer to not drain and just lower the health bar on them, and I don’t think they should nerf her, she’s good but not hard to deal with unlike some supports… looking at you Kleese. and depending on who you’re up against you’ll probably go with Agile Anomaly then Solar Anomaly… Looking at you Pendles. And are there actual people who go for anything other than Radiant Halberd on her Level 7 helix choices?

Wait, we are saying someone is balanced compared to KLEESE?

And as Ambra, you can win literally every 1v1 (well, except for Kleese.) because for a support, her damage is too high, and she can keep herself alive at all ■■■■■■■ times. She’s a support, not an attacker who happens to be unkillable.

I actually use all three depending on the situation. Halberd for range, all heat in one hit for squishies, and normal for tanks

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It’s sad but I can one v one almost all of the cast. Kelvin gives me surprising trouble before I get levels in, but him and Boldur are the only ones I can’t really take on (Montana depends. Either easy or impossible

It’s because of her level 12 mutation for level 3, where she can heal sunspots. turns her into a pocket healing station. It completely changes the way she plays, and invalidating that would actually make her less variable, and more powerful. She’d become even more territorial, and harder to burst down.

Maybe before they added the cooldown effect from her heated hits that wouldve been a good kit change, but with the changes i like how her kit functions now.

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Ambra is supposed to be a healer that created pockets of health while contributing to the battle like any other character. If the spots were infinite they would be crazy at zoning with endless damage.