Why can't Haunt just respawn like a regular boss?

Seriously! You have to kill that lad 25 times for the event and to each of the 25 minutes there’s a 25 minute quest of farming goo and running through heck attached. Not to mention Haunt also plays his cutscene every single time you drop in which I would attribute to him being a quest only fight.
And he’s not even that great in terms of loot…

Not a fan of this either. Not only do you need 25 souls, but you have to run the entire zone after that. In general I am actually not a fan of these terror mods because they are polluting the mod pool from the anointed mods I am trying to get. Things just got much rarer now that these terror mods are in the mix. Also if the mods could hold up on their own it would be one thing, but it seems that you need at least 2 or 3 pieces of gear - basically a set - to make the whole terror thing truly functional/beneficial.

Because despite not being an MMO or actual live service game, they’re designing it like you’re paying a subscription, despite there being no benefit to them to do that.

Either that or the devs are ashamed they’re working on Borderlands and all wish they worked at Bungie. Could go either way.

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Only have 7 runs left and extremely bored of this event.

What’s weird is I get more legendary items on M1 than on M3