Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades is basically a pointless skill

If you’re using the Demolition Woman skill tree even halfway right, you’re going to regen so many grenades that an extra +3 grenade capacity is meaningless.

Especially when the skills that help with said grenade regen are earlier in the tree than WCICATG is.

Maybe just replace it entirely with something more useful, particularly something useful for guns since Moze needs no help with grenades. Just to float an idea, how about:

Reckless Abandon [3/3] : Whenever Moze deals splash damage to herself, she gains a stack of Reckless Abandon (up to X stacks), increasing her Gun Damage for each stack. Each stack decays after a short time.

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I’d like to see it changed to whenever Moze or IB deal splash damage, increase splash damage by 6/8/10% for 15 seconds with a maximum of 3 stacks.
IB needs more love in general.

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A class mod could give you a few points into it without specing down the tree, but the net benefit declines pretty significantly once you’ve maxed out the nade SDUs.

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Sometimes people use suboptimal grenades for funsies, rather than the few types that auto-regen themselves. Max capacity after a certain point turns into unused capacity = wasted capacity, but that amount can differ a lot from person to person.

Is it an underwhelming skill much of the time? Sure. Doesn’t hurt to be prepared, though.

Yeah, I just respecced to get rid of it. With my Recurring Hex I instantly regen grenades, so there is no point to having more than the 11 from my SDU.

It will be more useful when the inevitable Hex/Storm + Means of Destruction synergy nerf comes.