Why Can't I Carry All These Grenades needs a BUFF!

Skill is totally useless on Moze. She has a ton of different ways to boost grenade refills.

I mean does anyone even use the skill?

What I would suggest is giving 10% additional Grenade Damage to each point in the skill for a Max of 30%. Along with a 10% Increase in Grenade Damage Radius per point.

I “might” consider using it then…otherwise it’s useless filler on her Blue Tree.


I don’t know about the radius, that will up the self destruction of Moze, especially with a Mind Sweeper, but I am all for adding grenade damage. It would make it worth it and play nicely with TCP


I like the radius change, could always be worked around using shock/rad and the transformer/red suit. Otherwise just gotta play more careful

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it needs something
or just become a completely new skill because its 100% useless

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As soon as I saw the title of this thread, I thought “10% grenade damage per point invested” so I guess we 100% agree :+1:

She does, however, already have Pull the Holy Pin so maybe a skill around splash damage reduction would be better. Perhaps, “Whenever Moze is hit by splash damage she has X% chance to absorb it as grenades instead.” and then with 3 points investment she is much more rarely killed by splash damage and gets plenty of grenades at the same time.


ehehehm, ladies, gentlemen, and nonbinary bots.
i give you:

+1 grenade x point
+15% grenade damage x point
-33% self-damage from grenades x point

honestly do whatever with the two first points.
but if TORGUE!!! Cross Promotion will not give us self grenade / blast resistance, this should definitely give it.

I have never ever EVER struggled with my grenade ammo, my moze fires 100 explosions x second, and im sure all yours do too.
So this skill better give some bigger and better bonuses than the current one.

I kid you not, in 300 hours as moze, i havent purchased that skill a single time.


alternative idea i just had checking the wiki:

it has 3 points so why not +1 extra grenade THROWN x point?
so at 3/3 you would be tossing 4 grenades at the cost of 1 for hilariously explosive results.

too broken? make it RNG based. 15% chance x point!



I love both of those ideas, the extra grenade would have to be % based I’m sure though.

Imagine 4 cloning maddening trackers going off at once. Gearbox be like “we fixed the performance issues caused by spawning projectiles…but now moze throws 500 explosions with every grenade toss”


I think you simply have to have a damage buff in it …somewhere. The biggest problem with grenades is that…for a grenade…they really don’t hit that hard.

But I do like all the other ideas!

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a damage buff to grenades would also buff tediore builds unlike throwing multiple grenades
but it could be something like, thrown or impacting grenades have a chance to spawn another grenade

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As much as I LOVE this idea, frames would take a nosedive…imagine throwing 4 Recurring Hexes :skull_and_crossbones:


What if each rank increased damage by 33% (100% cap) but only for grenades thrown at 12 capacity or higher. There could be a color change on the grenade counter to show this.

You’d only have 3 grenade with boosted damage and would have to be mindful of your capacity. But you could also stack grenade capacity (+6) elsewhere for much more mileage out of the skill. With 20 grenade capacity, you could throw 8 with bonus damage.

Two useless bonuses could be used together to make Moze an actual grenadier as she should be.


I just had a heart attack reading this.
You said grenades thrown at 12 capacity or higher, 100% damage boost

What if it wasnt THROWN grenades, and just, grenades over 12?

What if this affected mind sweeper grenades?

Thats just some filthy damage like before the damage fix from last month. But oh BOY oh boy, would i love to see that.

Guys…any downsides to just giving a flat 10% Grenade Damage boost per point would somehow:

Make Mind Sweeper OP
Make Tediore Chucks OP

are ridiculous!

Mind Sweeper is already OP! 30% more additive Grenade Damage means virtually NOTHING to that Mod!

Same with Tediore Chucks which are frankly RARELY used by anyone. (and honestly, so what if they are??)

But 30% Grenade Damage would actually help …grenades…Gee what a concept. Which let’s be frank, need some love!


I would not mind if they made it iron bear focused. Carry capacity for moze, and while in iron bear shots have a chance to drop free grenade. I guess it would fit the name of the skill somewhat too.


I collect all grenades with the “iron bear has 20% chance to spawn a grenade when taking damage” and its a hilarious bonus. But if anything, it can feel lackluster damage sometimes, plus i lose my 25% grenade thrown bonus.

If this skill allowed bear to have a chance to throw grenades, or throw em on command, and EVEN trigger the annointment, that would be delicious.

Im still more sided to my bonus grenade thrown idea though. I always prefer dealing damage based on dumb ammounts of proyectiles rather than flat bonuses.
But this is great too, i didnt think of involving iron bear in it. He doesnt have any action tied to the G or F key if im not wrong so, hell, lets have that.