Why cant I get my redeem code for my SHIFT key?

So I signed up for SHIFT and confirmed my account via email. I got a message that for signing up for SHIFT I get a golden key. There is a box where I am supposed to enter my “gold key redeem code”, however there is no redeem code in my email, in the game, or anywhere else that I can find. Anyone have any clues? I have yet to be able to open the gold chest and really want to see what kinds of gear comes in these. Thanks!

Are you logged in to SHiFT in the game?
You can log in to the SHiFT servers at the main screen, and (I think) inside the machine in Concordia.
You have to be connected in the game, then the key will show up.

NOTE: You don’t see the keys in your inventory screen like in 1, 2,or 3. You have to go to the machine in Concordia to collect them. The machine is on a small platform near the elevator you take to see the Merriff.
Make sure you’re logged in, go to that machine, hit the right bumper to go to panel 2 of the machine display, and you should see the key (and perhaps other rewards) there. Collect it, then go to the golden chest to open it.

Not intuitive or as easy as the other games, but it should work.

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has anyone bin having trouble linking there ps4 to there shift account to reedem codes ?

Hi, anyone knows any shift code that could work? I am too late for the ones posted that expired last June 8.

I appreciate anyone who respond. Thanks