I went all the way down survival for 2 turrets for a while, tried using the slag turret and then both together. The problem is that I can’t get Do Or Die if I use both the slag and double turrets. I have explosive, fire, shock and corrosive fastballs so that’s how I get nearly all of my second wind revives. Why is that a skill you have to unlock? For now, I’m using a single slag turret and thanks to the slag, it seems to be doing more damage. Suggestions?

That’s what I think is the main downside of a Guerrilla/Survival build (26/15/26): the inability to max out many of the skills in the Gunpowder Tree, such as Battlefront, Steady and Do Or Die. Doing so really increases your damage, especially for Tediore throws, grenades and guns that benefit from grenade damage.

The build I use is basically a big investment in the Guerrilla and Gunpowder Trees (29/29/9 build), and I throw the remaining 9 points or so into Survival. There are times that I wish I could have a few more points in Survival, but in my view, I can more or less substitute that tree by playing more strategically. After all, Axton doesn’t need to be up close in order to cause mayhem.


My Dahl Commando thinks that exact thing every time he’s in Fight For Your Life… can’t aim down the sights for a good burst fire, no shotguns, no rocket launchers, but I’ve got some epic grenades that would get me out of this if I could just throw them.

The build for my new Axton- this topic made me realize that I actually have Do or Die- and HAVEN’T been using it. D’oh! :sob:

My Torgue Commando has Do or Die as part of his build, but he never uses it either because almost any of the weapons he’s carrying at any given time can do the job (plus most of Torgue’s grenades are some flavor of MIRV, which gets sketchy when you get a Second Wind in the middle of a spray of those child grenades).

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This is one of the great things about Axton: versatility. Explosive builds, Fastball play, the Nuke + Gemini variants, Double Up + Gemini… There are many ways to run this class at the highest levels of play. There are skills that some of us won’t build without, which others may never use. Do or Die, Steady, Grit… All popular, strong skills, but I don’t use them. I actually spec into Duty Calls more often than I use any of those (because… Bekah). Naturally, others would probably look at what I do and go, “Gemini? Meh. I’ll keep my Steady + DoD.”

The point in Duty Calls is because I have a Warfare Specialist com that is +5 Sentry, +4 Duty Calls, and the point of the new VH’s is to try gear and builds that I haven’t before. Finally retired the level 34 Chikamin Muckamuck that I’d been using in favor of a level 40 Vladof Boosny Droog (or something like that :grinning:) Also picked up a Lascaux and a non-elemental Hyperion shotty to run with it as well…