Why Can't Maya Phasewalk?

Lore-wise, why can’t Maya Phasewalk?

Does each Siren have vastly different powers?

Was Angel’s power being able to interface with machines (among other abilities)?

Had there ever been Eridium enhanced Sirens (like elsewhere, on other planets, obviously we can only speculate…) before the opening of the Vault at the end of Borderlands 1?

Why can’t Maya get all “rid-roided” up?

I just read in the Borderlands 3 section that Commandant Steele was a Siren?


When / where is this stated?

She didn’t seem very “Siren-y”.

I thought she was just another female warrior / assassin type lady like Athena.

Do Sirens HAVE to be female?

Ummm that’s all for now…

  • Because she has other abilities
  • Yes (although there can be a bit of overlap)
  • Yes
  • Well Lilith was already a siren then, and there’s a second siren introduced in the graphic novel of the same events, so yes.
  • No idea - maybe she hasn’t been exposed to eridium as long as Lilith? Or maybe she just has more self-control
  • Correct - you can see her tattoos quite clearly, and she does do a sort of short phase-walk thing

Last question - yes, all sirens are female, and there can only be up to six at any one time.


But do Sirens HAVE to be female?



Not Sirens in general, Sirens who had been enhanced by Eridium which appeared after a Vault on another planet was opened?

Why is it never mentioned that Steele was a Siren, only deduced from tattoo glimpses / short Phasewalk thing?

Seems like that would have made her an incredibly valuable commodity to Atlas, not one to be discarded so cavalierly?

I think they’d have had her locked up in a lab when they weren’t using her for full on combat abilities in selected military engagements.

I don’t know if there’s a lore explanation for different siren powers, but I believe Maya having Phaselock instead was just a gameplay decision. I believe they wanted new vault hunters with different abilities (if we turn a blind eye to Axton).

I’m thinking about what they’d have done if Maya had Phasewalk too. Lilith was somewhat overpowered in BL1, becoming almost invincible somewhere mid to late game. They’d have had to somewhat nerf Maya but then she’d have been Lilith, only weaker. That would have been a pretty disappointing new siren, so making her do something entirely different seems to have been the right choice.

It doesn’t seem every siren has vastly different powers as one of Amara’s abilities is Phaselock too.

I also don’t think there’s a lore explanation why Amara has three abilities while Lilith and Maya have only one. It’s simply because all BL3 characters have three abilities and all BL1/2 characters have one, a pure gameplay decision I’m sure.


Angel says something about Maya having “no connection to eridium” in one of the echos in WEP.

This is a gameplay decision too, I think. A way to offer more freedom of choice to players.


I like when gameplay mechanic choices are backed up by lore!

Thank you all for the thoughtful and detailed answers!


Our Siren have way more thanks one ability. We just only have control of one. Lilith creates blasts it seems as well. Maya can manipulate the air to create a pressure vacuum, lifting enemies in the air and igniting the oxygen around them (Helios), and again, manipulating the space around her, create a ball of element. Lest we forget our Sirens all get wings.

Amara has the ability to create arms from herself, manipulating the energy INSIDE HER to push out and affect the world around her. Her grasp is different from Maya’s lock, because Maya manipulated the energy around the enemy to lock them, whereas Amara uses the energy inside of her to reach out and grab them.

This is all just my speculation, but it seems to be accurate.

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This, absolutely this. Video games should be held to the same standards as any other medium of art. As long as it’s possible to represent something within your medium, choosing not to because “it’s a video game lol” is nothing more than laziness

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I may not represent the majority on this, but actually I’m fine with that. Maybe I’m damaged from Star Trek where they made absurd explanations to somehow fit into canon that TOS Klingons were just some guys with shoecream on their faces, or how it comes that all those alien races are humanoids. In my opinion that was really unnecessary and did more harm than good.

But of course different siren powers should be much easier to explain than that.


Yeah, I mean if you’re already in a purely speculative / fictional / outrageous / gonzo realm, just make up some Lore!

Unlike Star Trek, where it seemed they always felt the need to give everything a “real science” explanation.

And don’t get me wrong, I loooove Stat Trek, have seen every movie and every episode of every series and read a toooon of the books / played most of the videogames.

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