Why can't we choose what missions we want to seach for in public?

This is so frustrating. For the past 5 days I’ve been trying to get a public group to run the final two missions. In about 30 Story queues not once has either of those maps been an option. Why can’t I just play what I want? Why does it have to be random? Does it benefit anyone or anything for it to be random?

I don’t have any steam friends who play Battleborn, so throwing a group together isn’t very easy. So I’m left asking people on facebook, twitter and reddit to form a group on PC for those two missions. I’ve gotten one person in 5 days who is down to help me run them and we failed the Saboteur quickly because he sucked and then he left the game.

I just want to play those two god damn missions with people, not solo. Why does this have to be this way? Couldn’t you simply check each of the maps you’d like to queue for? Sure you’re queue times might slow down if you’re only looking for one or two maps but that’s totally understandable.

I’m just really frustrated I have to rely on RNG to play the levels I want, if I want to play them in a public setting.


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They said something on the live stream about this a few new weeks back. Jythrie says they are aware of this request but the issue is more about creating too many specific queues. If you have a que for each of the 8 missions on normal and advanced that’s 16 more queues. It would split the community too much and most likely result in much longer que times for the less popular missions. The did say one remedy may be a daily/weekly map that could rotate each week. That way everyone who needs to beat that one could all que up the same week and it would split the community less.

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That would be amazing and stop the constant disconnects when someone get butt-hurt because they got out voted on their choice of maps. They could still leave random maps as an option for those that really just don’t care, but it would go a long way towards making those trying finish or score on certain maps hapyp.

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I understand the situation /problem it would cause, but it’s getting to the point where most games I play are only 3 or 4 people due to butt-hurt disconnects aka whiny Jennerit babies losing map vote. ( I probably play Boldur a bit too much, lol.)

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But more often than not it seems the people who DC are the ones who selected no preference!

@snomes they could give the option for selecting an individual mission with a little message saying, “queue times may be longer for specific missions, for reduced wait times use the random queue” or set matchmaking up to prioritise filling groups for specific missions if they have people sitting in a queue waiting when they have other players who don’t care where they go.

Wouldn’t that also affect the random que though? I think they just need to be careful if they do make a change that it doesn’t improve one thing but hurt something else.

the first option, yes, if 20% of people are in mission specific queues, there will be less overall in random.

But the second option, no I don’t think it would in practice. The randoms will be put into a group in the same sort of time, they will just be filling up a mission specific group, if there aren’t any, then they get a truly random setup with all 5 players being taken from the random queue. The one downside I can think of is if there is a trend towards a specific mission, maybe it’s points return is the best, or it’s the most consistent when it comes to completion, but then on the flip side this will happen regardless, people will just drop out of their group and rejoin another queue when the mission they wanted didn’t appear in the pre match selection.

Yeah I notice a lot of times people drop if they don’t get the map they want (whether it is not even a choice or it was out voted). So it could at least help that situation. Part of the problem is actual length of missions. With group of 5 even fast times are in the mid 20 minute range so if you don’t like the selected map odds are you will drop instead of wasting 25 min completing one that you dont like/need. Though I tend to not really care which map is picked (I’ll get the one I need eventually), I don’t think that is the mindset of majority of players. Most have limited time and don’t want to waste what time they do have available.

Its already kinda happening, if renegade is in the selection it seems to be a favourite. Think this might be down to people chasing the gold medal. If it gets outvoted, then people leave. And since they don’t fill empty spots after the game has started, you are then left with an incomplete team.

Either on that stream or another they said they were considering some alternative solutions, like a rotating weekly single mission queue that would have loot incentives for playing it.

Also I noticed you cannot leave during the voting process. So I can think what happens is someone’s desired map does not show up as a choice they pick no preference (probably in disgust or protest vote) and then drop on hero selection screen when they are able.

I also suggested this in a previous post. I feel like it’s the simplest solution. And in my experience it hasn’t been the ones that select no preference that disconnect, it’s the ones that get out voted on the map of their choice.

I play on the Xbox one and for that same time period there has been an option to select only the heliophage. Maybe this isn’t the case on all systems

Bingo! Yeah that’d be it I reckon.

You could always join the Battleborn Discord server stickied at the top of the Battleborn General Discussion subsection. There are matchmaking channels there for all systems.

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Just allow people to queue up for multiple missions. Queueing up for one mission SHOULD increase the wait time for that mission by a bunch in comparison to people who are more open on what to play. I really can’t see it dividing the community as much as they claim. There are multiple ways around dividing the community.

I like the idea of weekly specific boards. I’ve been playing since day one, and have yet to beat heliophage on advanced. I keep getting matched up with complete morons and or guys who have literally just picked up the game. You know they don’t have any gear or mutations yet…WHY are they even able to play advanced? But yes, I have to continue to play even though I really only want heliophage, but I also don’t want heliophage with a bunch of level 1-10’s…

I wouldn’t mind the matchmaking changing to involve more votes. That is - you can enter your prefs before you begin mm.
If there’s enough people looking for your same criteria, no vote is needed since y’all wanna do the same thing. But if it can’t match you up past pve vs pvp prefs, then you guys vote on everything else - what map? what difficulty? Hardcore? etc. I think that’d prevent the ‘splitting’ that they have occuring with the current system, while still being democratic about it.
Of course, you’d probably get people quitting if they don’t get what they want. facepalm

edit: Also this.