Why cant we get more BACKPACK space?

It seems like added bank space was a universal request , but I hardly ever hear anyone asking for additional BACKPACK space .

I mean , for game that has so many legendaries, it sure would be nice to able to carry more of them to add variety in the game without constantly making trips back to your bank

I dont even mean a ton more, just like 15 more slots or so.

Would be even more amazing if we can have more than 4 quick select weapon slots, just not sure how they can do that with the dpad…


i think a better sorting system and more bank space would be 10x more helpful than adding backpack space since all u really gotta do is just go to bank and take the stuff u would ever need.

but backpack space always a good thing , just look at borderlands 1 , foking 70+ space available for ur build


I would very much be okay with nore backpack space. 40 just doesn’t feel like enough. I miss the 70+ of Borderlands 1 as well.

bringing 40 up to 60 would be a good idea.

Yes! A better sorting system would be awesome…it would be awesome to be able to sort by anointment

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Being able to carry more would be great. Especially playing mayem mode. You need alot of differant weapons because of modifiers. I try to keep 20 slots open for vendor food.
I have a ton of leggos and blue red text that i havent tryed out yet because of space. 60 would be ideal. They may add more eventually, especially if enough people ask for it .

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They are barely optimizing 40. (3 months passed and if u accept the current state as optimized)

i prefer better optimized inventory and sorting system over more space any day.

There is no reason we can’t have both. It wouldn’t be a great technical feat. That said, it’s not in a great state currently (the whole backpack seems to refresh anytime you do ANYTHING in the menu, and it really slows things down), so I’d prioritize stability and smoothness FIRST.