Why CANT we throw grenades in Iron Bear?

I know we have the (buggy) annointment where IB has a chance to throw a grenade when hit , so the ability is already there, but the grenade button is not used while in IB so why not give him ability to throw mozes equipped grenades ?? This would help even more if said grenade has the 25% weapons , skill, grenade damage on throw for 6 seconds annointment because then you can keep IBs damage buffed every 6 seconds too.

Just wondering why we cant do that already


The technology isnt there.
Just like for tracking annointed effects through weapon swaps :roll_eyes:.


Maybe they planned for the grenade button to do something while in IB, but cut it? Or they thought having IB throw grenades would be too powerful?
It’d be cool if there was a skill that allowed you to throw grenades while in IB. Maybe give it a cooldown, if they don’t want it too OP?

Funny that zane and moze both have action skills that remove their ability to throw grenades (to some degree). I’d suggested before, but it feels like you should be able to equip FL4K’s attack command onto the grenade button and use it that way instead. That’d be more fair across the board, if they don’t want IB to have grenades. (Not sure about Amara, though.)

It would be awesome if one of ib augments shot out your equipped nade


Iron Bear is an attempt to create a dual-wielding character that isn’t OP but because of the previous attempts they’ve gone too far in the under-powered direction. There’s too much control instead of not enough and as a result everything needs to be locked down hard.

One of the big problems with IB for the Devs is if it’s too powerful then beyond a few anointments or whatever items cease to matter. My honest advice is don’t hold your breath waiting for large upgrades.

Iron Bear was always a bad idea; not because it can never work but because it’s never going to be what players want it to be.

My advice if you want to be actively using Iron Bear is to get yourself a raging bear with solid weapon mods and then don’t plan on playing anything over Mayhem 3 until at least Mayhem 2.0 arrives.


With unlimited nades? That would be amazing but probably a bit too powerful :stuck_out_tongue:

Its Iron Bears turn to be OP


Oh geez, I’m so ashamed. It is dammit, time for Iron Bear Superiority! GIVE ME IBS!!!

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Dude why do you say that ? I’ve been on M4 exclusively and using a demo woman tree plus mix of SoR and BM tree and IB is killing it for me. He seems more than fine to me. Hes extremely strong as long as you use splash weapons and vampyre and take all his damage boosting skills (half of which also benefit moze anyways )

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Because it’s not about whether or not IB can do something, it’s about whether it’s worth using IB compared to other options and the answer is “after your gear reaches a certain point Iron Bear can’t keep up”.

Extremely strong is a relative term and contains a bit of a flaw.

If have non-anointed splash weapons what will do as well as Iron Bear using splash (and I do, better actually), so as long as I put missiles on IB for the damage buff then I will ALWAYS do better using Auto Bear instead of IB.

And that’s BEFORE those weapons get anointments and Moze ASE anointments just got a big buff to boot.

Now, let’s also consider the 5 seconds of free ammo you can get from exiting Iron Bear. A non-elemental quickie using Sticky ammo will kill almost any boss in th egame that doesn’t have an immunity phase in about 7 seconds. Again, nothing special, no anointments. With those? Well, I have a +75% quickie with x 2 and +125% Fire damage for 2 clips.

That’s without even looking at the things like IB can’t break Eridium or Anointed, can be fiddly to open boxes and pick up loot while driving, etc.

I’m glad you’re enjoying IB but for me he’s a downgrade.

If he’s so awesome why do you want to be able to throw grenades to buff him every 6 seconds?

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Because its fun to throw grenades?


If you could do that with a cloning maddening tracker it would effectively blue screen consoles, would be cool tho if IB had a % chance to fire your equipped nade while using the nade launchers

Imagine Iron Bear spamming hex grenades all over the place. Now that would blue screen consoles but it would be fun


My ps4 would run at a crispy 13fps no doubt lol

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