Why can't we trade gear with other Players?

You now it would be good.

My friend had already his fourth Oath of the Sustained at Max Roll and I am still waiting for it.

We’ve begged for this, even free trading with Friends would be very nice.

I wish we could trade platinum. Say a healer was just being ridiculously good one match and keeping us alive.

Toss a few Plat to them as a tip/thank you. Gear trading would be cool too


I feel like if that ever did happen there would be people selling gear


In BL2 everyone I traded with just needed things, like Maya, and it was nice to have Friends.

Lol I used to do this back when I played exclusively pc mmorpg.


I really wish this was an option. Largely because my wife started playing long after I did, and I’d love to be able to give some of my unused gear and/or duplicates to her to give her better gear options.


Going to put a probably unpopular opinion here, but it would really make my almost complete legendary collection I’ve spent 600-700 hours on feel cheaper.

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I have to say, I never really thought about it that way. It kinda takes some of the sting out.

…Perfect reason for this. Family

Legendary gear is already cheap…

How many people do you know with every legendary?

Please make this happen.

Yes I would love to share my spare Bola’s target finders with my friends :slight_smile:

Dear @Jythri,

Please make this a thing!



Getting them is not quite what I meant with cheap.

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Did you mean “cheep” as in, Ernest? :smirk:

My miko is ready



Yes so I can give my extra collection on specific Mellka gear to Mellka players <3

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