Why can't we "un-choose" characters at the char select screen in PVP?

i’m new to moba type games so pardon my potential obliviousness.

But, why can’t we un-select chars at the select screen prior to a pvp match?

Like…im in a pub game and 4 random pubs w me go non healer. And the 5th final guy of course then goes non healer. I wanna then say “lol, okay - let me just transfer to a healer then”.

Why can’t we do this yet? it seems essential in a game that prides itself in team competition.

If it is not in currently, is there a reason? And will this “feature” (i use the term loosely) be put in? Or else, everyone picks characters blind in pub games. Will the pending drafting remedy this issue?


This is something I’ve wondered as well. The best answer I can come up with is that it saves time and people constantly switching between characters while unique characters are off. (I.E. if you and I are playing and I keep switching btwn characters so you’re having trouble picking one). Curious to see what others think about this too.

They’re changing that with the upcoming winter update, then you’ll be able to deselect.


Really?! Bout f**king time! Nothing worse then picking your favorite character im a hurry, seeing the terrible character choices your random teammates make, and then pulling an “instant-transmission Kamehameha Cell” face:




As stated they’re going to allow de-selection with the Winter Update that’s coming “SOON”.


I don’t get it… Are you not trying to go for the futurama reference? I think this option is pretty cool… Lol

You probably didn’t see it, but there was a stream detailing the next big update.

They will be adding this feature in some time before new years. As for why, I assume they were trying to make it a defining feature, but it just ended up hurting the product.

After this update, I think they should re-release Battleborn at a lower price. Probably at a time where new games are scarce. Because all the major problems with the game will be fixed after this update.

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I can’t wait! I am curious what a benefit of not being able to un-choose your characters would be. Did they just assume that everyone on every team would be completely miked up to announce the class they were choosing?

No. It’s a moba hybrid. Once you lock in a character in a moba, you can’t switch. There’s no benefit, it’s an attempt to make people actually think before they select. Which usually works with vets. New players still do whatever they want.

But hey, they’ll learn.

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It’s kind of weird; I’ve been waiting for this change since day one, but now that they have draft I’m not sure that I want it.

In blind pick it’s fine. You have people jump in, at least 1 or 2 people will instalock, and everyone else tries to fill. In this case, if you’re lacking some major firepower then it’s a huge pain that you can’t chance picks. In draft, however, there’s a lot more planning involved, and you are forced to gradually fill in the team. You can see who’s picking who, and don’t have to worry about anyone suddenly making an unexpected pick after you’ve locked in.

Guess we’ll see how it goes.

The main problem with Battleborn is the matchmaking. That’s not fixed.

The main problem is the lack of players. MAtchmaking can be fixed only if you fix that first. Obviously you cannot “fix” the lack of player without fixing why there’s a lack of players, and the winter update clearly fixes some of those. It won’t create players out of thin air though, so that will remain the main problem. I wonder if they have any big plan about the lack of player. Is the free pvp demo-like thingy they want to do next year a part of their answer? i wonder if this will really work.

Glad for the possibility of “unpicking” character incoming though. Not only for reacting to other’s picks, but also a few times I picked the wrong character (I was talking in the chat and instead of validating what I was typing it valdiated a character instead, for example) and the lack of this was quite frustrating.

Except the matchmaking was never good to start with.

There’s no way to fix match making bud. Not enough players to have queue times under 3 minutes. Unless you want to wait an hour for a good match on consoles.

Besides, all multiplayer games have sh*t matchmaking. OW matched me against a 6 man pre-made of level 300s and all I had on my team was people below level 30.


I feel ELO isn’t the only problem with the matchmaking though.

Feel you on the Quick Play matchmaking though, feels like they don’t have any. Though I’ve never seen a six man matched against anything but another six man. But comp is much more balanced, as long as you aren’t matched against a bunch of climbers.

Heh, the only problem that BB’s matchmaking has, is that there aren’t enough people in the active system. That’s why it seems broken, because the only people still playing are the poor shmucks who just picked it up and are underleveled, and the level 105 tryhards who think its fun to curbstomp the newbies.

If OW, BF1, or CoD had our numbers, the same “matchmaking problems” we ellegedly have would happen to them too.

Quick play in OW did have ELO, even if it was garbage, and they turned it off during the free weekend, and haven’t switched it back on.

The worst part is that they pretend that MM is fine by delibrately setting you up to fail or win, so you get a 50% win rate.

At any rate, we shouldn’t derail this topic any more.

I’ll still argue that it was never good.