Why can't you choose what you match into?

So bl3 has matchmaking and it is fairly ok, it finds decent matches with minimal lag (from my experience) but why can’t i chose what i match into? like yes i can chose between Campaign, Takedowns, Circles of slaughter, and Proving grounds. but i can’t chose which i get put into, say i want to run the Cistern of Slaughter, i can’t chose that specifically in matchmaking, instead it throws me into a random Circle of Slaughter in the game, why? even if i’m already in the Circle of Slaughter i want to match into it still ripps me out. there needs to be something to filter what one you get matched into. Idea time, have a pop out when selecting a matchmaking filter with multiple destinations so you can pick which one to go to. this will make causally farming with a random group easier and less annoying.

Probably can’t pick particular Circles or Proving Grounds due to a lack of (or anticipation of a lack of) players at each one? During the first few weeks of the game coming out I successfully found a 4-person Circle match a couple of times. I don’t even try any more and only matchmake the Takedown.

fair, but if it was a option i’m sure it would get more traffic, but who knows