Why change a voice actor in the HW2?

Why change a voice actor in the HW2? I can not understand it!
here was a good man’s voice bass, why change?
Now it looks like a voice from HW1


HW2 Classic


Because that was the original intent for Homeworld 2 in the first place. If you know the history of Homeworld 2’s development there has been some rather turbulent times, as such the game got made but not in the manner Relic would have liked to. Those voice actors were meant to be in homeworld 2.

We are fans of the game Homeworld2 , and voice actor there was a beautiful .
I can understand why the changed voice in HW1, it was of poor quality - but HW2 was good quality voice !
You’ll forgive us game developers but we fans of the game have been greatly upset by this :sob:

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Speak for yourself. I for one welcome the change.


I also welcome the new changes as I always thought the actor changes were odd in HW2.

If you really want the old voices in consider modding them in yourself.


They are using the voice actors/actresses from Homeworld 1 in Homeworld 2. They always wanted to use Heidi (the mothership) in both games but her voice was too different when they had her in to record the HW2 lines so they had to use someone else.

Canonically it made sense that Fleet Intelligence would have had a different voice, as it was many years later and only Fleet Command survived that long due to being part of the Motherships systems. I always preferred the original guy (Michael Sunczyk), and it makes sense to just use him for both as he would have been in the booth re-recording his lines from Homeworld 1 anyway.

The only voice changes i didn’t like were that the unit response voices from HW1 are now the responses from HW2. Its not really that big of a deal. Original HW1 responses can always be modded in (if we can make the quality better somehow).

Avetorian is right. Relic did intend for all of the original voice actors to return, but for what ever reason it did not happen. The time between HW1, and HW2 was pretty chaotic for Relic… They only released one game in between (Impossible Creatures), and it was a commercial failure. HW2 almost didn’t happen at all. Does anyone remember the public meltdown their old PR guy had? Relic cleaned house after HW2. Relics true successes after Homeworld were Dawn of War, and Company of Heroes.

The whole point of a remaster is to make it better than the original. Gearbox is getting guidance from former Relic dev’s, and what we are seeing (and hearing) may have been the intention of Relic all along.


I absolutely agree with this user. Why gearbox delete a good voice actor from HW2? And why gamers don’t have choice from three variants of voice actors for HWRM: Remastered Collection Variant, HW1 Classic variant and HW2 Classic variant? Gearbox, we want this, all gamers want this! Gearbox, please, make this!

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just mod the old voice in i am sure it is pretty easy and i will be doing it most likely for the Kushan voice in HW1 since i don’t like the new over saturated radio background

Please don’t speak for anyone but yourself here. It adds no credibility to your argument.


Again, please…don’t. You have no way of knowing everyone’s opinion.


Yes, the voice is replaced.
Again Gearbox, unfortunately changes the classic details of the game, but the majority of users love it!
I have the impression that any change from Gearbox will be always accepted with admiration.

And many people will have a different opinion to you. Please don’t hold that against them.

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I remember the PR meltdown from Sierra, I was under a different username on the Relic forums then “Altimo” being my old user name. There was a lot of rage at sierra at the time, it was very justified from my understand of the whole ordeal that went down back then. The one guy from Sierra seemed to lash out at the relic community after the game was launched. There was no beta or any updates beyond 1.1 the game had subsequently ceased development and the series frozen after that rather difficult time I’m sure for the fans and the Homeworld devs themselves.

I’m happy to see that both the original developers of Homeworld are finally given the respect they deserve, and that the game itself is getting proper treatment. I’ve seen a couple of my favorite franchises go down, Mechwarrior and Tribes. Homeworld was actually my first jump into the world of online gaming and clans and communities and all that.

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Remastered includes improving the quality of the game, but without changing the basis of the original!
It’s the same if you take the film Lord of the Rings and change the voice gandalf gray to Frodo, it would hear strange!


You do realize that the original Homeworld devs are also working on this right? They are providing feedback and guiding gearbox on this, with some of the key members on the team actually worked on the series, this is a collaborative effort, basically you are disputing the changes that even the original developers have approved of. That’s fine ofcourse, but don’t just throw all the blame on gearbox, if you can call it that. With some exceptions to how formations work and some mechanics for the homeworld 2 races, I am amazed honestly. The original developers seem quite content as well. You might want to accept that this is their vision as well as Gearbox’s, just saying.


It is also called Artistic License. GB does have the right to make these changes, and Yes, some people are not going to like it. I just say give it a chance, and if you don’t like it i am sure there will be mods to revert it back to the original sounds.


Not really, Remastered could entail many different things that a team would liked to have changed from the start. It’s like going back on a old finished project, looking back on what you wanted to have in it, or would like to have improved. It means you are looking over every aspect and making changes where you see fit.

I would added voices choice in the game settings

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All true. As long as they dont pull a “George Lucas” on this :stuck_out_tongue: