Why complain about Opness

First of all, opness lol. But seriously im just curious, i dig that people want the game to be hard right? at least certain ppl do, however if something seems to strong why would you use it? Like im honestly just curious, i play this game as a power fantasy and enjoy being waaay too strong, but if you dislike this… i mean couldnt you just like use no action skills and maybe white guns? i dunno im genuinely curious why stuff thats too strong is a problem. did i mention i was curious?


i mainly like content in RPGs because its interesting and lets me experiment
like the kaoson is a super fast, fully automatic splash weapon that triggers a second hit
thats kinda the perfect gun to squeze out every possible DPS out of short fuse
its just a super exciting gun that (felt) good to use
but i really just didnt care for it to have like 7k damage on its weapon card while other similar SMGs had 1k which is just stupid and makes no sense at all for the whole game

its the mechanic that interests me
so when such an interesting gun has like 1243098091280980OMEGALULZ damage on its weapon card i feel like “well…i would like to use it because it seems like a really cool gun to shoot and synergize my build with. but in the end it doesnt matter because everything will just fall to the ground from even looking at that gun. so i guess i will not use it. sigh. wasted potential for fun gameplay”


I love that youre curious about opness and you know ppl like it hard.

Ppl want difficulty that makes the best gear worth having.

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it is incredibly hard because there is about 10 tiers of viability in this game. you want me to sit down and calculate effective dps of all my options and then arrive at the endgame that i deem interesting to play?

plus don’t you think that we might also like the red text effect of a gun that is way too strong? after all we play borderlands to play with dem sweet guns. what if i like the damn gun but it is so good that game is bring af when using it just do not use it right? wrong i love the gun why should i not? while i could if it was balanced performer instead of OP outlier? balanced game is better for everyone whole having over and udnerperforming outliers is bad for both game longevity and for gamers. how many people use ember’s purge or freeman launcher? who uses superball.

another example is double barrel in current state, i chose zane for this very skill but the problem is the guns i want to put into his hands make him so strong that i do not even get to shoot anything. clone can literally kill a raid boss on it’s own, so now you want me to go on a journey to find a gun that is not OP and clone’s A.I uses is correctly to regulate my clone dps into the range i deem satisfying?

tl’dr balance good OP bad. but i agree in one thing if we are making end game in such disaprity between legendaries then it rather be doable by all of them and have op options instead of having end game difficulty tailord to op options so other 99% of gear is completely useless.


If the damage is a glitch that’s one thing, but I agree…

A giant laser-shooting, rocket-firing, nuke-launching mech should be powerful.

Pets who have traveled with Fl4k since the beginning should carry their weight and kill stuff too.

Clones are a replica of Zane himself…it makes perfect since for them to so strong.


Masochism, basically. Some people just can’t enjoy themselves unless they’re getting metaphorically kicked in the groin hard enough.


If the gimmick is fun but the weapon is too strong, I’d go after a lower-level version, but mostly I keep them in the bank for fights that are still hard because I have an otherwise weak build/loadout (which is largely what you suggest, though I’m not nerfing myself quite that much). The game is still as hard or easy as I make it with my current gear set and difficulty selection.

I’ve only self-nerfed a couple pieces of gear back in BL2… BL3 is still having a lot of kinks worked out, so I’m not even considering finalized gear sets yet… there’s plenty to keep me occupied in the meantime.

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Well people just like to complain about flashy things which currently seems to be IB, meanwhile Amara can do over 200M damage just by pressing F and no one gives a s**t.


She has the biggest opness

Probably because they’re meta slaves and can’t phantom any other way to play the game other than using the absolute best, even when the best takes all the fun away for them they must use it.

Also, player skill is extremely important. If everyone is OP, noone is special.

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Doesn’t this “debate” boil down to ‘to each their own?’. Lol. Personally I’m in the groin kick demographic.

It’s not that much complaining about OPness but unbalance.

If all weapon wreck the game, then yeah, there might be a need for higher level of difficulty.

If one or two weapon wreck the game and the other struggle, then it’s a problem.

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i am sorry (i am not) xD

But that is what OPness is, a few pieces of gear that outperform others so those who just want to enjoy the power fantasy can.

I wish they could find a way to allow each player to separately accept/reject weapons changes–my main goal in playing is to collect the best loot–I’m not really interested in the game being hard–hard does not equal fun for me. So if I could one shot kill bosses, to me that’s fine and nerfing whatever item does that doesn’t make my experience better. Since this is not a competitive multiplayer, whether anything wrecks the game all depends on the individual player point of view–for me, none of that wrecks the game.

So if they could allow the player to choose whether to accept/reject each weapon buff/nerf, I’d think everyone would be happy (you can informally do this in total right now by not applying hotfixes).

See here is my issue with that argument

what if i like the damn gun but it is just not doing the damage I want, game is bring af when using it just do not use it right? wrong i love the gun why should i not? while i could if it was OP outlier instead of balanced performer? Player choice is better for everyone whole having over and balance is bad for both game longevity and for gamers.

You know I see that claim a lot “Balance is best for the game.” Yet I can’t see examples. I can see people were playing BL2 for 7 years which had a ton of OPness in it. TPS is claimed to have the best balance but I don’t see many people on the hype train for that one.

I think player choice, meaning all players haveing the ability to play however they want is what is best for games. Meaning you want to one shot a raid boss here is a build for that, you want a challenge here use this plethora of gear with thousands of combinations. Like this guns red text but think its too strong? Farm it at a lower level. In this case everyone wins and I can’t see a better option then that.

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its not the goal of an RPG to give you some item that doesnt require you to understand that game, optimize your build and farm for good stats and just brainlessly 1 shot stuff
simple as that
if you pick up a gun and it doesnt instantly obliterate the map and thats why you cant use that gun
that seems like a personal problem

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Um, the goal of an RPG otherwise know as a Role Playing Game is to have Roles to Play. If people cannot play how they want, be that a balanced challenge or an OP god the game is missing Roles to Play.

I am just saying everyone should have the option to play how they want, more player choice is a great thing.

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if it was balanced it would be doing damage then… you are talking about under performing outlier

I don’t think the argument is about “OPness” as much as it’s about game balance. When you play one VH and they have a certain power playing the game and then you try to play another VH and the relative power is much less…or much more…it just feels bad and is not enjoyable. All VH will never be equal but the arguments are always about trying to strike this ultimate balance where all VH (and to some degree each AS within a VH) at least feel like they are in the same ballpark relative to each other and the highest difficulty.