Why complain about Opness

its not the goal of an RPG to give you some item that doesnt require you to understand that game, optimize your build and farm for good stats and just brainlessly 1 shot stuff
simple as that
if you pick up a gun and it doesnt instantly obliterate the map and thats why you cant use that gun
that seems like a personal problem

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Um, the goal of an RPG otherwise know as a Role Playing Game is to have Roles to Play. If people cannot play how they want, be that a balanced challenge or an OP god the game is missing Roles to Play.

I am just saying everyone should have the option to play how they want, more player choice is a great thing.

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if it was balanced it would be doing damage then… you are talking about under performing outlier

I don’t think the argument is about “OPness” as much as it’s about game balance. When you play one VH and they have a certain power playing the game and then you try to play another VH and the relative power is much less…or much more…it just feels bad and is not enjoyable. All VH will never be equal but the arguments are always about trying to strike this ultimate balance where all VH (and to some degree each AS within a VH) at least feel like they are in the same ballpark relative to each other and the highest difficulty.

I started playing the new DLC on M10 today (finally found the time).
I look in the general direction of an enemy, he explodes. Mhh okay

The first boss just instadied. I thought he was intended to have some sort of immunity mechanic tied to the crystals in his room since the layout was so heavily related to them. But even if there was some sort of mechanic to the fight i wouldnt know because he just died in like 3 seconds with no effort on my end.

Lack of any challenge isnt fun. Its dull and boring.


but the choice in an RPG is never “be super op or be totally weak”
its always about how you want to fight in a balanced situation where you have to struggle fighting stronger enemies so it will feel rewarding when you get an upgrade or beat a boss
not: either hit a baby skag for 20 minutes or 1 shot wotan
thats not the type of choice that RPGs are supposed to deliver

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That’s the absolute biggest load of garbage I’ve ever heard.

Either way, GBX took everything you said to heart and killed the Kaoson Monarch Yellowcake and others.

Which ones are you planning to nerf now, because we know you’re unhappy with current powerful weapons?

This new game should be called Lollilands

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Borderlands is power fantasy not modern warfare simulation.

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Braaaaahaaaa :rofl:

Oh that is my bad if I was not clear, its not an either or it is a range. You should have the choice to have a struggle or an easy time and everything in between.

A good RPH leaves that choice to the player so yes those should be options along with every other choice you could possible think of. Want to struggle and only use white items, do it. Want to melee only, do it. Want that melee to one shot things, that should be an option.

The type of choices an RPG should deliver are anything that you can think off, and each time you think of something and that RPG says its not an option, it’s becomes less appealing to more people.

thats what mayhem 1 - mayhem 10 is for

sounds illegal
however, if they took everything to heart that i said
we would have awesome weapons, coms, DLCs, new characters and balanced skilltrees now :confused:

also if a weapon is dead for you because its not stupid OP and requires a good build to use it
yea, we had this already

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@Debras1964 you won’t win. You are wasting your breath. Best to just ignore…

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And I would normally agree with you if all Mayhem did was affect difficulty, but it doesn’t.

it also adds more disney the higher you go
which is also a bad thing and can just leave xD

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i even made own topics

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Why complain about OPness

Why complain about Kool-Aid. Why complain about Jesus.

People have different ideas for what makes a game “good”. None of them are “correct”, and none of them are “wrong”, they’re just opinions from people with different gaming philosophies.

When it comes to playing and enjoying video games, I’m in support of giving the community tools to self-segregate itself into groups of like-minded gamers. This is what leads to enjoyable play-sessions when it comes to games like this one.

You can’t change the game itself of course. If you’re playing a game that isn’t designed the way you want it to be, it’s okay, clearly the game isn’t for people with your preferences. Ditch it, hopefully get a refund, and move on.

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