Why couldn't Jack

Why couldn’t Jack extract the Eye of Helios from Claptrap’s mind? After all, you extract the H-Source from it. And the Eye is just lying there in a crane in Memory Cluster #2 00773 P4ND0R4.

Cause who would want to lug it around the place

The H-Source is “code”.

The Eye is “physical”.

Yeah, I know “we” were physical and came and went.

This made think of … There was a movie called the 13th Floor where the AIs in the “game world” wanted to come into the real world. They had to find a physical body “in the real world” to inhabit.

Isn’t the H-Source a physical code though?

Nope, code is just data … like this forum software … nothing physical.

It looked physical in claptraps mind, but it was just data.

Of course, that is just my take on it, I dunno what the writer’s thought. The whole Claptrap’s mind simulation thing was not too clear to me. If it was a “simulation” then it was not the “real” h-source anyway. So, it had to be a hardware emulator (not simulator) that ran a “real” image of Claptrap’s mind. But, who knows what the writer’s meant.

It was basically Tron - you get digitised and put into a purely digital realm, except you experience it as a physical reality (and could die in there).

No, you can’t die according to Claptrap or Jack (not sure who). You can get deleted though. Jack digitizes you as native code.

Though, how did you not die when Claptrap crashed? urgh… so much thinking… so much questions.