Why dedicated drop rates don’t matter


They would if they removed the anoinments. Awfully implemented idea. They gave way to crazy interactions which became the meta and led to major imbalances, rushed changes such as mayhem 2.0, powecreep issues and the reason for this post and video: crazy high world drops just to assure you get some chance of getting what you’re after.

If they removed anoinments and buff weapon damage, the game returns to the winning formula: bazillion guns and the grind to get them and use most of them.


Good vid. Concerning the monarch, you also have firing mode. Did you get a x4 or x8? Add that to the RNG.

And getting something like the airborne/sliding anoints that Thiccfila mentioned, on the Monarch isn’t as useful. So having a smart anoint system, that would ensure useless combos wouldn’t exist, would have worked too.

I think a crafting system that required you to still farm a ton of items and various anoints, would allow for rewarding farming, while not giving people god-drops on the first kill.

Here’s a simple example, but the actual numbers would probably need to be tweaked. If I wanted a rad-monarch, with SNTNL cryo, I’d need to find the rad monarch, and maybe 10 legendary weapons with SNTNL cryo or 30 purples with SNTNL cryo (or some combo). After a quick quest for a Vladof agent, I get rewarded with a SNTNL cryo version of my monarch.

Something like this would make random drops interesting for me again.


I watched it earlier and wanted to post it on here tonight if someone else hadn’t yet.

I have said more or less the same thing a thousand times. This could fix annointment RNG while still requiring some farming.


Just a clarification, grinding and farming are not the same thing in video game terms. I say this because gear progression in Borderlands is not grind based, it’s farm/RNG based. You either kill the same enemy over and over for a chance to get what you want or you get lucky and get it first try/as a world drop.

When you’re grinding, how quickly you’ll get what you want is based on how much time you invest. For example, 2 people are trying to 100% the same game. Theoretically speaking, the person who puts in 8 hours a day into the game will always finish faster than the person who puts in 4 hours a day, excluding other factors like the person spending 4 hours a day using a walkthrough and the other not.

Farming is doing something for a chance to get what you want. Key word is chance because it doesn’t matter how much time or effort you put. Not only are you not guaranteed a reward worth your time, but someone who barely puts in the same effort can be rewarded much more because RNG. You could farm for hours a day and not get what you want and some random can get what you’ve been slaving over to get first try.

I’ve always prefered grinding over farming in RPGs. Games that do grinding right tend to always reward the amount of effort you put into it. I can only tolerate farming in some games that find ways to make it less RNG heavy, like implementing game mechanics that increase the odds of you getting the specific reward you want. Some games give you the choice between farming and grinding with crafting/buying being an option for gear progression. So then you simply have to grind up some kind of resource to make/buy it, and usually there are multiple ways to aquire said resource, so you aren’t forced to do the same monotonous thing over and over, unlike with farming. Simply adding additonal layers of RNG is lazy padding that makes what was already a boring mechanic, boring and frustrating.

I’ve been having much more fun in Borderlands 3 relying less on farming and more on random drops. Feels more like BL1. I’m pretty sure its too late for this game, but going forward, Gearbox seriously needs to look at how other loot based games handle RNG, or how they balance farming with grinding/crafting mechanics.


This is why I support any idea that would allow the random drops to be converted (in some fashion) into the desired item. It allows for the farming (maybe you get the perfect drop on your first run), while still giving you the option to grind for it by using the RNG junk as a form of currency.

After 8 hours of farming, I want to feel like I’ve made some progress. But it’s entirely possible that outside of useless money, I have nothing to show for it.


I’m still hoping for a way to re-roll anointments. This would mean you’d only have to farm long enough to find the item you want with any anointment. At that point, you could farm where ever you wanted for resources (eridium, maybe) to re-roll the anointment. It would still take time, but it would majorly diversify the activities you could do.

I’ve watched that video and couldn’t disagree more. All I have to point to is The Boss Loot Rush event. After it ended player retention dropped by a massive amount. Don’t believe me just look at the steam charts. I like Thiccfila’s videos but he’s dead wrong on this one.