Why did Gearbox have to make Alamo-7 Armor useless?

Why Gearbox, why? Couldn’t you just decrease the amount of damage immunity to 3 seconds every 60 seconds? Why is it now 2 seconds every 120 seconds? 2 seconds isn’t even enough time for you to realize that it’s working because for some reason you decided not to give indicators for things like that. 2 seconds is nothing. 2 seconds is enough time for you to realize you’re about to die before getting stabbed in the eye by Phoebe or mowed down by Montana. Yes some of you will think I’m just s***posting but at this point I don’t care. The matchmaking is so bad and I’ve been forced to solo que so many times that my win:loss ratio is 1:18 and I have come so close to throwing my laptop against the wall after being forced to hide in my base in Incursion because the other team completely stomped us. You won’t allow lore challenges to be earned in private matches so good luck with those 25 Oscar Mike kills and 25 Ambra kills, you nerf Miko but fail to see how OP Reyna is. You nerf everything you see but still fail to change the Overgrowth map. You seem to be ignoring everything that needs to be fixed and focusing on things that can wait.

P.S. I really didn’t want to make this post. I love Gearbox so much. Borderlands was my first PC game and it introduced me to you’re amazing company. I preordered Borderlands 2 and bought every single piece of DLC including the skin packs. I even preordered Borderlands The Pre-sequel and kept my mouth shut even though the story was too short and the DLC was unremarkable, so when I preorder the Digital Deluxe Edition of a game Gearbox says will be amazing and I see so many things wrong with it, I can’t hold it in anymore. It floors me that a brilliant company like Gearbox would allow so many massive holes in their game to be released to public. This is not your first game. There is no excuse for the gaping oversights I’ve seen since playing the game and I cannot not hold in my anger anymore.

Alamo-7 got nerfed already? Like it’s nerfed and the changes are live? I guess I must have missed the hotfix or patch notes about it. Do you have a link?

Alamo-7 is one of the Legendary pieces that I wanted the most… kinda sucks if it won’t be worth getting anymore. It really wasn’t THAT overpowered. I think people just don’t know how to react to it when it procs… you have to use strategy not get angry at 5 seconds where smashing your face into buttons doesn’t work out for you.

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They sneakily nerfed it without including it in the patch notes.

5 seconds were no one can do damage to you sounds overpowered. You can do alot of damage in 5 seconds ard if your someone with life steal get all your health back.
Not mention its like ambra passive just 5 times as bad. Glad this nerf came 2 seconds is still good more than enough time to escape when being chased.

Dang, that’s incredibly lame :frowning: I’m disappointed too at this. Oh well… I can never get Legendary gear anyways. I’ve played well over 100 successful missions now many of which were on Advanced or Hardcore and I’ve seen ONE legendary drop. I’ve also spent 100,000 shards on epic and faction gear packs and didn’t get a single Legendary. I was never going to experience the Alamo-7 on one of my Heroes anyways…


I think they should have at least left it at once every 60 seconds instead of changing it 120 seconds…

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All legendaries I have are only good if I’m playing sniper like Marquis or Toby. I have Symbiotic Gauntlet which gives you bonus ATK DMG depending on how much health you have and another one that gives you bonus ATK SPD when you’re attacking while stationary. I play frontline characters like Ambra, Phoebe, and Ghalt. I’m going to be losing health in fights and standing while shooting is a good way to die real quick.

I like to Play as Miko in PvP a lot and there’s a couple Legendary items that if I had activated at the same time would make my healing abilities incredible… man it’d be soooo dang fun to play some games with the gear I want, but I think I need to come to terms with the fact that I’m almost certainly never ever going to get Legendary gear. I haven’t even played PvP for about a week now because I’ve been constantly doing Advanced or Advanced Hardcore story mode (almost ALWAYS successfully) and I just don’t ever ever EVER see a legendary… the credits I earn from all the missions I spend on gear packs and never get Legendary gear from those either. I mean… I have the Legendary Lore gear for several characters because it’s super easy to do pretty much any of the Lore challenges but most of the Lore gear sucks anyways.

Heck… I’m going to just pimp my greens and epics… SCREW THE ALAMO-7 AND ALL THE OTHER LEGENDARY GEAR.

Green gear for life son… FOR LIFE!

That’s probably the way to go since Gearbox will most likely nerf every legendary until the only thing they are good for is being turned into credits.

2 seconds isn’t even time to realize that it’s active. The only way it could possibly be good is if you’re already running back behind the frontlines and about to reach safety, and if you are then you wouldn’t need Alamo-7 Armor in the first place!

I’d like to jump in here and compare the item effect to Path of Exile’s (also playing this a lot :smile: ) Immortal Call. (I know, it doesn’t have a 120sec CD)
And, before you jump to any conclusions, I mean both the Duration as well as their Version History.
The Immortal Call skill has undergone tremendous mechanical changes, back and forth. (And so will the Alamo-7, eventually)

As for the Duration, Immunity effects are hard to properly balance in that regard.
I find 2 seconds a proper invincibility frame for the current game speed. Any more than that could actually make a lot of squishy characters more tanky, than they were ever supposed to be.
Also, I think the intended way of using this item was to either put it on a Tank (e.g. Boldur) or use it to enhance a high-HP Controller (e.g. Montana). What I mean is, it was probably designed to increase their ability to hold a certain target area. (Would actually give a team’s Reyna 2 more seconds to save them her way. :wink:)

And while I do see the benefits this item (in its prior state) might’ve had for, say Deande or Mellka, I think the nerf is a nod to what I said above.

Unless you work at Gearbox you cannot know that Gearbox will retract the overnerfing. They even went so far is to not tell anyone about the nerf. That is just underhanded.

I play Ghalt. I put it on Ghalt. It is now useless on Ghalt. I’d gladly trade it to you for an Insurance Policy (even though that gem will most likely also be nerfed into uselessness next) for it if Gearbox would allow trading.

Legendary gear packs totally aren’t worth it. Half the time they come with negative afix so I dont use them anyway.

2 seconds no damage how its that unless? thats 2 seconds where you should be died but your not.
If you dont like it dont use it 5 seconds was way to long 2 seconds is alot better stop crying becuase your op gear is no longer op.

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I never said anything about working for GBX, I merely stated my personal opinion, that we might see future changes on this item, due to the complicated nature of damage immunity effects.
Although you seem to have one good point, I couldn’t find any official information about the stat changes.

And while I haven’t played Ghalt myself, so no judgement on the utility of this item for specifically, I think its overall usefulness remains.

Like @puunchbag193 said, 2 seconds of not dying even when you’re supposed to. And while this doesn’t allow for retreat as much as 5sec would, the item hints it’s made for ‘last stands’. So, yeah, 2 more seconds to kill them before they kill you seem legit to me.

to be fair, competitive players in this game do not use gear in pvp above rare quality. the tournaments that are forming across all platforms are not allowing gear above rare. The last thing you want in a competitive setting is ANYTHING to be about who has the best gear

I guess I can understand people agreeing not to use Legendary gear in PvP because the abilities/procs on some of them can be particularly advantageous but why the hell would epic gear not be allowed? Epic gear doesn’t have crazy secondary abilities or procs or whatever so why wouldn’t epics be allowed? Makes no sense.

Hey @TheFunfighter

We missed this one. Wasn’t a stealth nerf, this was just a fix that went in without getting picked up in the patch notes. You don’t have to accelerate to attack speed with each conversation. :slight_smile:


Alamo-7 needed a nerf, yeah, but this was pretty extreme. Going from 5 seconds of immunity every 60 seconds to 2 seconds every 120 seconds is a massive, dramatic nerf of the kind I have consistently been ranting against on BB forums. Not b/c these things don’t need to made less powerful, but b/c major reactionary changes like this and like some characters have taken are rarely the way to go. (And yet Boldur’s lore legendary still hasn’t been fixed, which seems pretty important.)

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