Why did I ignore Pendles?

He is so much fun! And outstanding at his role! He has officially become my 7th main Character as of today!


I am glad you like him. He is my favorite character based on personality, look, and playstyle. But my question to you is, how do you have 7 main characters? I have mastered 8 and am really close to mastering 3 more, but I probably only play 4 seriously


Do Helio with him, normal or advanced, it’s a blast. :wink:


I consider 7 of them my main for 2 reasons. The first one is because I am really good with them in pvp. The other reason is because those are the only characters I play in pvp haha. Even though I am just starting out with Pendles the skill I gained by playing with Galilea and el dragon extensively makes me already good with him. Knowing when to engage and disengage is really important to Pendle’s playstyle.

I have to admit that going against 2 or more opponents that can reveal me is challenging. Also what’s up with his ultimate. It is even worse than Galilea in terms of damage no? Needs buff? I already made the mistake of casting it while I am in stealth… Giving away my location and wiping me out lol

So my main before his release was Deande, still about 50/50 on who I like to play with more, and I thought the transition would be easy. I was so wrong. Knowing when to engage is good, but here are some things I learned.

  1. I ALWAYS take the +3 seconds to the smoke bomb, it helps take down minions and buildables much quicker.

  2. I go 100% attack speed. I take the level 3 mutation and I use a blue attack speed item (attack speed + attack speed on shield damage. I don’t have a good one for health damage)

  3. His ult’s main feature is the reduced cooldown to injection, which if you don’t lunge, you can use 2-3 times per ult. So we are talking about really taking out a single character super fast. The DOT is good, but I use it for the reduced cooldown.

  4. As for my playstyle, I use a 0 cost wrench and 0 cost shard generator. My goal is to always have our turrets at max, the giant minions coming, and make sure they don’t have their buildables up. For incursion exclusively, I also like to annoy the other team. I try to take their thrall at least once and make one or two of them chase me through their base. After level 2, I will sometimes just run right next to someone and smoke bomb/blind them and continue running. I want them to hear footsteps.

  5. Stay away from Orendi.


Not even remotely. Miasma is a bit misleading as most Ultimates are a direct effect of:

  1. Activate
  2. Get immediate effect

Miasma has something that happens immediately, which is the DoT aura on Pendles, but it’s pretty crappy. The real strength of Miasma is what it does to Injection - it cuts the cooldown down to like 3 or 4 seconds while Miasma is active. Combined with Relentless Strikes (-0.5s Injection CD for every Melee strike), this means Pendles can use Injection almost every half second while Miasma is active.

That’s a HUGE amount of damage and if you’re running lifesteal on Injection you are nearly unkillable while using it unless CC’d.


You mean stay away from Marquis. A good Marquis will make you drop Pendles quickly. Just letting you know

That’s very informative. Thank you!

I still need to get familiar with all his Helix. I’ll definitely try the lower cooldown trait on my next battle.

You ignored him because he was invisible the whole time, duh! :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye:


Not even Galilea provided this much fun as a character in pvp. Pendles is absolutely the most trolling character in this game.

He truly strikes fear to opponents. I constantly see enemies panicking when they are low health and trying to find a safe place to port back. Unfortunately, no such spot exist against a Pendles… Even if they decide to hug their team members.

I love how I can invade the enemy’s sentry and destroy the turrets, heal and speed boost buildables. IT is fun when I have 2-3 trying to bring me down because they see me in stealth within their sentry but fail to do so. It also makes their reminding members vulnerable for my 4 team members to wipe. I can’t forget the times when I stand at the spot when the enemy is about to spawn their troll and they are wondering WTH is happening or keep attacking while I am rotating In circle. The most funny part is when I wait for an enemy to kill the troll at their base, then I proceed on killing that member and take the troll for my team. All of this fun in just one day of playing him is just too much


OFC Pendles is fun, who does not want to play a perma-stealth character that gets away with everything he does?

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He’s my favorite meltdown character running generous refund policy and build cost reductions

Pendles is a lot of fun but a couple of characters when built and played right shut him down hard unfortunately.