Why did I suddenly get so bad at this game?

I was doing quite well at Battleborn recently. I’ve never been fantastic, and my overall win ratio has been around 40%, but over the last few weeks I’ve been getting consistent positive k/ds. Last weekend I played a series of games where I was getting 10+ kills per match.

This weekend I suck! And I mean suck. I can barely get a kill.

I don’t play much during the week (times I’m able to play have by far the lowest player numbers), but surely one week without practice will not make me the worst player in existence.

I wonder if I’ve gone up to a higher mysterious ELO bracket and now I’m playing with players who can aim.

It’s making the game seriously not fun. I don’t care if I’m bad, but if I’m playing with other players who are equally bad then I’m happy. Sadly I think perhaps the game got to a player base where only the good players are left and I’m out of a loop.

Probably a mixture of that and premades. You can tell when you are fighting a premade when they almost work like clockwork to kill you~

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Or…you know…by the big yellow bar in matchmaking to the side of their names.

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Did you trade your skill for a Klondike bar?

Oh man… I’m tempted to do that right now. You evil man!

There’s talk they changed the matchmaking to open it up to more elo ranks…at least it’s a theory I’ve seen.

If things have changed, and why I’m losing so bad, then I’m going to lose interest.

A friend quit Battleborn because he was fed up of going against premades on a consistent basis. If I’m consistently facing premades and players who are just better than me then the game’s no longer fun for me and the player numbers drop a little more.

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Are you remembering to stroke the furry wall?

Do you know, I never really paid any attention to that bar before you mentioned it. Now I see it glaring at me.

This is a right Doh! moment, but I always wondered how people knew enemies were premades. :scream:

I’m old okay.

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I’m probably older. And, yeah, the same thing happened to me when somebody pointed it out the first time, lol.

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The best suggestion I can make is that when you are queued up against a team that you feel like you will have a disadvantage, simply leave matchmaking before map vote starts. I know this is difficult to do 100% of the time, but given the current size of the playerbase, there really isn’t much else you can do. There is no “competitive matchmaking” yet so everyone is stuck in the quick play ELO system.

I played 16 games on Friday and got a pretty healthy mix of games from my team leading the blowout, to getting blown away, along with a handful really close and interesting games. Not every game is going to be “great” in the sense that you will dominate or it will be close.

If you are getting destroyed consistently, really think about what you can do better the next time you play that specific character or play against a character that dominated you. Maybe move some gear around. I know losing sucks, I lost a ton when the game first came out, but sometimes taking your lumps and learning to play can be beneficial.

However, like I said before, there really isn’t that much Gearbox can do with the low player counts and make find games quickly without expanding the ELO search.

They definitely changed the matchmaking. I have been getting matched with terribad after terribad the last couple days. I dont really care if you arent amazing, but when you start dieing 20+ times in a match you might as well not be there since you spend so much time dead

Not a bad idea to switch it up a bit, maybe give a different character a try. And if things aren’t going your way, play a bit more conservatively if you can. Focus a bit more on at least staying alive.

I dunno. Just not fun if I can’t play the way I was becoming accustomed to.

Like I said, I may not be great at these sort of games (my aim is my limiter…I know that…but I find it’s a natural thing), but I was doing okay in games until now. I understand why matchmaking would need to be extended, but I think I’ve just hit a stalling point in Battleborn.

It’s a shame because I’ve really enjoyed the game, but with the dwindling population I’ve seen my time in game coming to an end for a while. Part of me won’t miss Battleborn terribly because it’d be nice to get away from the concern over population.

Maybe one day a dev team will succeed in making an original game popular. There’s got to be something stopping these games from achieving. That’s Monday Night Combat and now Battleborn failing.

Hate to say the taboo word around here, but it may be time to give Overwatch a go. More people may result in more even games. Plus my clan is very active there - was just me left playing Battleborn.

Its never any fun to play with people drastically outside your skill level


If you have problems with aiming (I have that too) then OW might not be the best choice, since it’s basically just a slaughterfest. That’s one of the reasons why I hella suck at TF2 too. I find myself doing much better in BB because I at least can concentrate on objectives rather than on my kill/death ratio. Just my two cents.

THIS times 100.

this game is a teamwork game.

And sometimes you’ll encounter people who work together well.

Most games i get over 15 kills easily, but there are those rare instances where ill fight a team that really keeps pressure on me and if they are fast with the CC its good game… you cant do nothin against 2 people who are actively trying to kill you.

Last morning i had a game against a team with kelvin and miko on it, every single time i would try to kill the miko the kelvin would come and stun me and it was good game.

sometimes literally nothing you can do but take the beating unless your teams willing to help you out.

I agree with many people here. A lot more people team up with 2-5 others for match making. I myself befriended many and join their queue. The game is much more fun playing with others… Would be great if there was a pre made & solo match making but there isn’t yet. If you play with anyone that’s good, shoot them a friend request. Met a lot of cool people playing this game… Yea I get the occasional #%*^ but all games have them

Consensus seems to be that they disabled/minimised ELO. You are now being matched with the general population. Welcome to the big leagues.

Keep at it I was having the same problems you are having but eventually you will adapt and find something that works…for me its thorn and just wave clear n try to pick off players with low health.(I’ve always had decent aim with her bow though lol) or Reyna and just try to keep your team alive and occasionally focus one player to try to take out

Yeah, I do agree with you there. I’ve really enjoyed the tactical approach to Battleborn.

I have my moments when I do okay. I played Blacklight Retribution for a while a few years back and had games where I did really well. Same went for Battlefront. I tend to have moments where I just sort of get ‘in the zone’. I notice it in Borderlands too. I’ll have times when I can hit anything and everything and just bewilder myself with what I can do.

I sometimes wonder if I concentrate too much on my poor attempts and not enough on just playing. Sometimes just have to go with it, and it’s those moments I do better.

When it comes to Overwatch, I watched Boogie playing it on his channel yesterday. He’s always claimed to be a crap gamer at fps, but he did okay. It did look a lot of fun when they had two teams contesting an objective. At least with Overwatch I might stand more chance of getting games against people of my level. The population numbers on Battleborn really have put a dent in that.

Thanks for the input. Nice to know I’m not alone. :smiley:

Yep, I do okay with Reyna, but I sit deep and just try to protect people. I just really enjoy Orendi, but her squishability (is that a word?) when I’m up against much better players is probably a downside.

The annoying this is that I do believe I’ve improved. At release I was doing hella badly, but I’d gotten to the point where I was consistently getting positive k/ds and even had a game where I went on a 10 killstreak - I framed that. Then this weekend comes along and I feel like I’m back at square one.

Maybe I should move to Oscar Mike for a while. He has a bit more staying power and I did well with him in beta.

Just gets one down to suddenly do really badly after having a good run. Now it’s just whether I can gather the desire to jump in to games against the “pros”. Maybe I should just leave it at that. I had fun but it’s time to move on. We’ll see.