Why did ISIC get nerfed?

I really like ISIC and think he’s a great hero so it kind of bums me out that he’s getting nerfed. He’s supposed to be a tank so reducing his survival just seems like the wrong direction to go. I really didn’t see the problem with him prior to 5/12.

His survival got so high that in the right hands he was near unkillable.

I could see the concern, but isn’t that what he is supposed to do? He is a tank after all.

There are tanks and then walking unkillable walls and its not like he can’t put out a ton of damage either.

The projectiles on his cannon are kind of slow though. His wards were on kind of a long cooldown so most players could easily just shoot him when the wards are down. If he really needed a survival nerf they could have reduced the energy aegis’ block strength from 1,000 to 800. A nerf to the wards just seems unnecessary.

I cant remeber the number but it was something like 300 shield plus the helix for an extra 225 on top of reflective fire that made him unkillable. I think the health nerf was not needed though 1600 starting health for a tank with a easy crit spot pretty mean.

I don’t think he needed it. Sure he can take hits, but he isn’t any harder to kill than montana when played correctly.

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He was pretty survivable in the right hands but I think both a shield/ward AND health nerf were a bit heavy handed. If anything I thought they’d take a look at his charged shot damage and projectile reflection and perhaps some of his augments, or just the wards by themselves. The health nerf especially is confusing me, because of his size, easy to hit crit-spot, and role as a tank/defender. Not much point to a tank if he can’t soak up damage for more than a few seconds before having to bail and leave his teammates. He needed tweaking for sure but hmmmm.

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Haven’t all of the nerfs in this game been pretty drastic so far? This is the first I heard of ISIC being too broken pre-nerf though.

Oh,I don’t know

these are SOME of my post-“nerf” matches with him.I haven’t had a loss since the hotfix was released.

All in all,in the right hands he was near-invincible, having the survivability of a tank,damage of a truck filled with a ton of anvils,a sentry and minion wave annihilating ultimate,a escape ability that is also an AOE ranged stun and a knockback melee.

Why wards?I’ll tell you how I used them- 3 people on the enemy ledge on overgrowth- I pop overcharged shields, completely ignore them and kill a minion wave/thrall/super minion, maybe one of them if they’re stupid enough to shoot at reflecting wards. In fights I waited till I lost my shields,popped the wards,during the time my shield recharged to full and on top of that most of the time at least 4 of my wards were up so their cooldown was decreased. No character should have a default ability to just IGNORE attackers and return fire when he feels like it. After today’s games I feel another nerf coming to him to be honest.

Yeah,I didn’t get a ton of kills in any of those,because they lasted too little. At least one death out of the two in each game was due to decimating a lonely sentry. Also,most people in those games were level 40+,so it wasn’t a case of killing noobs. I was also on a receiving end of a post-“nerf” ISIC and man,oh man,was it a slaughter.

@mkunzik dude,as ISIC I eat a Miko supported Montana for breakfast,just after I kill Miko thanks to a stun dash through both of them. ISICs only weakness is ground-based AOE abilities like Oskar MIkes napalm grenade.(also stuns IF he’s not full hp)[quote=“tmcbron, post:3, topic:1440140, full:true”]
I could see the concern, but isn’t that what he is supposed to do? He is a tank after all.

A tank that who’s health you can’t even wear down who can easily 1v2.Tanks should soak damage to set up kills for brawlers/assassins/main damage dealers. Only he IS the main damage dealer. I doubt there is a single character that can deal more player damage than him and even with minions the only one who has a chance to outdamage(not by much) him is Oskar Mike solely focused on minions. It takes 3 charged shots to kill a minion wave!THREE!Pre nerf you could do that as I described above-with 0 risk and 0 damage taken.

I feel dumb for just realizing I never waited for my shield to drop before using wards. Picked that first helix for shield recharge and never gave it a second thought.


lol, my stats with him are 85 kills, 122 assists, and 26 deaths…

K/DA average of 7.9…
K/D of 3.3…

Oh, I KNOW why he got nerfed…

I love him, but it was kind of ridiculous, you rarely even had to use his secondary attack shield, it just wasn’t necessary. It took people forever to burn through all of his shields, I just stopped playing him because it wasn’t fun (like I did with Galilea during the beta)

It’s honestly a lot more fun playing as him now, I actually have to juggle my abilities instead of just popping wards all the time. It makes him feel a lot less boring, I actually get punished for my positioning now!


Every character can be survivable when played well. You did well as ISIC, that’s good, but I don’t think it is evidence of him needing a nerf.

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You don’t understand, I still do well as ISIC, but now I actually have to use all of his kit, his off-hand shield included. I honestly had forgotten it existed because I never needed it with the way wards/shield delay was setup.

I’m still doing extremely well, went 8/1 with him in a game a few minutes ago, but now I actually feel like I “might” get killed unless I’m careful.

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But he really wasn’t OP prior to the nerfs, it was mainly gali that got most complaints, so I don’t see why he was changed at all.

Just because he’s not as widely recognized doesn’t mean he’s balanced… if we had access to the same data gearbox does: Specifically the data for w/l and K\D ratio, I’d be more than willing to bet that he’s out-performing other players. He was a top tier character by any measure, and now he’s less god-like and more reasonable. Instead of just forcing him out, you may actually kill him now.

This is the problem I have though. He gets nerfed for being strong and not necessarily OP. Their will always be strong characters in any game. He was in a better spot prior to the nerfs IMO.

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He gets nerfed for outperforming others… that IS what OP means…

“OP” does not mean that you automatically win, or something… his character performs better than other characters in his role. He’s doing better than intended. He wins disproportionately more than he loses. That is PRECISELY what Overpowered means. More powerful.

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here’s a difference between survivable and nearly unkillable, like @V0LUM3 said, OverPowered doesn’t mean it’sa guaranteed win, but it’s being significantly more powerful for less effort than other characters. Pre-nerf when I had a Miko or Reyna the Gali + MIko combo was destroyed every single time(only ISIC rarely gets a dedicated support). The fact that pre-nerf you didn’t have to fully utilize his kit was becoming a problem, because even in the hands of new players he was super strong as long as they understood his kit. I believe that playing good requires effort and I don’t think it’s fair that Ghalt could pull ISIC into his trap,fire point blank into him and still barely scratch his health(or barely scratch shields or do no damage at all if ISIC had his wards up).

Compare it to a tank like Montana- you can gradually lower his health and as Miko doesn’t heal a % of max hp, it has to heal him for a longer period, with ISIC I often stayed on the lane with 30 (or less)health and still killed minions,players and damaged sentries and only went back to base when 2 or more enemies were dead with my team alive.

Each characters power should be judged on both sides of the spectrum- in the hands of inexperienced players and in the hands of players that can fully utilize the characters potential. ISIC did extremely well in both.[quote=“mkunzik, post:13, topic:1440140”]
Every character can be survivable when played well.

also,in regard to that- yeah,every character can be survivable when played, but that requires a certain approach. ISIC was survivable both in close combat,ranged,vs snipers,AOE and stuns. Try to push in the front lines with Oskar MIke vs 5 players,a thumper turret and a sentry and see how that goes. Sooner or later,even if you survive you will have to run away and go back to base,that was not the issue with ISIC.


ISIC was hovering around upper-A tier for quite awhile so the nerfs were justified.

Sure the role said “Tank” but he doesn’t even play as a tank. It’s more like playing a damager with a durability of a tank.

So from the nerfs, they are sticking to the concept of “Walking Turret of Death”. He really has no tool to function as a frontline tank outside stun dashing that is being used to save himself every time a melee tries to kill him. Everything he does forces the enemy to come forward or be destroyed by range attack that does one of the highest DPS in the game with enough tool to prevent range attackers from retaliating.

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