Why did ISIC get nerfed?

According to whose tier list? I would put montana and oscar mike at upper A tier as well, I don’t think it means they should get nerfed though. He only has the highest damage output in his ult, where he looses out on alot of his survivability. (due to not being able to put up rotating wards and block with aegis.)

@V0LUM3 Oscar Mike is miles better than the others in a similar role as him, not because he is too good, but because the others like whisky foxtrot aren’t so great. It’s possible the same is true for ISIC. Boldur for example seems like he could be doing better. Atticus as well. I think he was on par with montana prior to the nerf, their kits have alot of similarities.

If he really needed changes, I think smaller changes should be used, like @tmcbron said, reducing aegis damage blocked by 20%.

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According to this:

tier thread with extensive detailing as to why they are where they are.

aslo,you’re wrong about ISIC,in many games I NEVER used his ult and still got highest damage, even above Oscar Mike,being around 200k. I managed that because why ult when you could pop rotating wards and get a good few seconds of free damage? The charged shots are absolute hp/shield melters and clear entire waves of minions with ease and it’s a BASIC ATTACK available all the time.

His shots require some far leading though. I definately think this is a case of a high skill cap character that you performed well with and got good results on. Many character’s outdamage ISIC in terms of basic attack DPS, like phoebe, Ghalt, Montana, and el dragon, and they can deal more with the addition of skills.

The tier list also well puts Montana in A tier, and he has a similar kit to ISIC. The way I see it, they were on par with each other prior to the nerf. ISIC offers more survival based on sheilds, Monty offers it with HP and damage reduction. ISIC offers some AoE damage, Montana offers higher primary DPS and more light CC from the get-go. (through his ice bullets without him needing helix upgrades)

Isic was nerfed because he had 5 ward blocking 300each 1000 shield for blocking 2033 health(starting) 300 shield. This allowed him to take alot more damage than anyone else.
He could pop ward when his shields went down and they would recharge and no one could take down his wards because of reflect fire.
His attack are really strong to he does 132 aoe shoot every 5 seconds.
I think the health nerf was harsh but the wards needed it.

My two favorite heroes, gali and ISIC got nerfed, it’s just a little upsetting. ISIC was in a good spot before he was nerfed, I think they should revert it.

People exaggerate his defense capabilities, and he hits hard, but it requires skill unless you’re just playing bad players. He’s a lot more squishy now.

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ISIC offers much more than Montana. ISIC DPS with normal fire is actually reall good and even more crazy if you ad the “Slow on hit” mutator. This goes up even higher with +15% damage mutator. Montana DPS barely reach half that of ISIC with ult up while being much easier to kill in every way due to lack of spammable shield that can deflect projectile including CC abilites, block and a much stronger escape because Montana dash stop on contact while having nearly bigger size to be destroyed by. Montana can’t dash up a cliff either so he has way less versatility.

I can write a tier list now based on my experience in Overgrowth with a record of 84-22 W/L something at the moment and I would still put current ISIC at A tier again with Montana at Lower B tier at best. When I play Montana, I am playing a tank who can do some ranged DPS. On the other hand, playing ISIC, is like playing a ranged DPS whose stat is that of a tank.

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This entire post.


after playing some more I can attest that now ISIC plays like a pure ranged DPS now. The days of dashing through the enemy team into the sentry field and getting back to the middle are over. I’ll miss them a little but meh,I’ll adjust.

Just to compare
Isic old wards 250×5=1250 helix upgrade 250+255=505×5=2525 (tell yourself that is not op all you want) not the right number cant remeber them but its not far off and scales has you level up.
Isic new wards 113×5=565 helix upgrade 113+113=216×5=1080. Scales as you level up.
Tody shield skill 510 (look how much closer they are now) helix upgrade 1020 wow looks alot more balenced to me. Now they just need to make it so that todys shield scales with his level.

N for a tank his ult surviveal is over welming

I was just super sad after the nerf to Isic. His wards feel kinda useless now though. All his other nerfs I can understand as I’ve listened to both sides of the argument. Yet his wards don’t do what they are supposed to now, namely decrease the recharge delay of my shield as they don’t last long enough under fire to do that.

Isic need a nerf but really just needed it for rotating wards and not by 50% maybe like 20. Beyond the fact that he is primary a tank or disrupter for ranged hero rotating ward wasnt that op. Almost evey hero has something that could break through it. Even some you think wouldnt be able to. In pvp his early game has suffered, and using wards in pve now is horrid in advance mode. I used it a few times and didnt even think i press the button because it dropped before my brain could process. Crazy because reflecting ward is one of his primary tactics to stop ranged heros from being annoying or camping.

Watchful ward was justified. I just wish i was a litle higher.

And he is LLC main tank doesnt make sense imo to reduce his health if he doesnt regen hp and had to use augments to become more tanky, but still not high substain.

My friend play kelvin and kelvin has much higher substain and surviability than isic. Im pretty sure he wards are going to get a buff next hot fix.

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I think he was hit far too hard, IMO. His effective defenses dropped drastically on almost all fronts save Aeigis. He felt about as tanky in ranged combat as a smart Boldur in melee/holding the line, honestly. He has more defense than Montana, but less damage. He felt in line with the other tanks barring Attikus who doesn’t really get any defensive options (News flash: Every tank does hella damage). Now he just feels like a slightly tougher Toby in a ranged battle.

He’s still good, I just have to run away more. As a tank. Which feels dumb lol