Why did Rath get the short stick on Creative Design?

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oi u wot m8 . Hey, that’s pretty neat. By any chance, do you know how to blur out text?

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I know everything. [ spoiler ] text [ /spoiler ]

Note the [ ] instead of < > this time.

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I think I did it right

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Ah, so 56%

And Opera

For even simpler execution, hit the gear symbol in the tool bar. Has rarer forum things that are typically more useful

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The key word is would. Not do/should etc.

It was a question to the devs regarding Rath about his lack of synergy between narrative and gameplay. I do want more for him, but how he is now is playable.

Also what reworks are you referring to? As far as I’m aware this game has had 0 of them. Helix tuning and number crunching are just touch ups IMO.

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Link is often depicted as a child… it’s only fitting he did.

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During the AMA, they said Mellka and Galilea where going to get reworks soon, so they could do their role. Then, for no reason except ‘upcoming buffs’, they nerfed Mellka’s passive and synergy peice, venom, to the floor.

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There was an AMA…

Damn it all! :sob:

Despite your fears, reworks don’t have to mean they’re taking your candy away.
If they provide an opportunity to refine a muddled concept. I’m all for it.

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First time I’ve seen that topic. From the blurb it looks fascinating. I won’t necro if it’s already dead, but will definitely read the crap out of it!

As for my ideas on what I would do…

I never thought about it in detail, but your ideas sparked my imagination.

This will merit it’s own topic, since it strays away from the whys behind his narrative.

I’ll be sure to link you when it’s done!

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No, most reworks are fine, but sometimes the GODS OF BALENCE f up and nerf things for a patch coming in 1-3 months. So yeah, Never, ever, ever ask for a rework if characters are fine, or they will remove a critical peice of the kit in a hotfix for “upcoming buffs”.

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I think you may have misinterpreted his lore about the assault frames. This paragraph “All three recovered suits showed signs of being heavily adapted for differently-sized occupants. One suit featured a very small operator’s cockpit, adjusted for a pilot probably no more than 18 inches tall. For these pilots, the experience of controlling the HTX Assault armor must have been akin to piloting a giant war-bot.” is not suggesting that caldarius is 18 inches tall. It is hinting that Toby used to pilot a jennerit assault frame!