Why did they even bother with IB before Mayhem 2.0?

It’s just downright irritating and annoying…

I got a “taste” of what IB could be…a decent option…fun…totally different playstyle, gear and builds.

And Mayhem 2.0 just NUKED it. It’s like taking candy from a baby!

Why on earth did the even spend the money and development time to build IB up BEFORE 2.0?

Makes ZERO sense. Do the teams even talk to one another? Do they even play and test their own game?

What on earth were they thinking?

I’m back to playing Mexican Jumping Bean in an Action Skill that starts sloooow and ends sloooow…and is only effective at triggering anoints and a moment or two of “safety time.”

And I frankly don’t like it.

Yeah, I know…complaining and two buck fifty will get me a cup of joe at a local Starbucks.

Crap…forgot…THAT ain’t happening either right now…


  1. Conspiracy Theory: They intentionally didn’t make Action Skills scale for Mayhem 2.0 at launch so that you would be forced to farm for new gear instead of stomping with Iron Bear or Action Skills.


  1. Communication between two or more involved parties (player-base, balance team, 2.0 team) is not at the level it should be. The player-base was quite worried that Action Skills wouldn’t scale and continually tried to remind Gearbox to make them scale.

And it kinda happened before … to Fl4k and their pets right when M4 dropped. And it hasn’t been fixed until this day.


I think there is nothing wrong with the M2.0 concept, they just got the balancing all out of whack and action skills aren’t the only victim here. Gun damage only scales up to 2.5 times vs. enemy health scaling up to 12 times. It was a lot closer under the old system and skills and anoints could mostly make up the difference.

Seems like that is something that would have come out in testing, but we don’t know how GBX’s process works and I’m sure they’re in a weird spot because of COVID.

It sucks that so few build strategies are viable at M10 while we are in the midst of a multi-week loot event. I would love to do some farming and play around with builds, but it is hard to justify the time commitment with all of the uncertainty about future balance changes :confused:


Infantry Logic…

It’s Door Number 2.

Door Number 1 would require what is obviously missing in Door Number 2

but what the hell do I know :grinning:

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Hanlon’s razor.


Wonder why even stat boosts from Relics/COMs doesnt scale. At least some of them could affect IB like max health, splash and aoe.

Not even things like melee/nova/spikes scale to make up for the 12x enemies healths and shields.

And I dont even know if I want it now. Just imagine, after all the gearing up we read at patch notes that now everything scale and you just lost your time through this entire farming event. :slightly_smiling_face:

I have a Frozen Heart with an anoint that says a nova will trigger on entry and exit of IB. It actually still freezes enemies and honestly…that’s about the only thing IB can do besides quick safety and trigger anoints.

The other thing IB can do is allow you to activate Some for the Road so you can use Mozes real action skill: 5-9 free Scourge shots.


Don’t forget the slag rockets, I mean, target softeners.


I feel the same way because GB just buffer iron bear and I loved the rail guns and then dropped mayhem 2.0 making those buffs pointless

Unfortunately I find target softening utterly worthless. The Debuff is what 15% for approx 11 seconds? And, by the time I have burned 2.5 seconds getting out of iron bear, another second to actually get my weapon in to play I have lost almost 4 of the 11 seconds that it lasts. If I’m backing up from iron bear and throwing a grenade at the same time for safety and to get an additional buff, it’s more like 5 to 6 seconds that I have lost leaving me a minimal D buff for all of 5 -6 seconds.

I have gone back to just shooting one volley of double rocket pods as I am exiting and getting way more actual damage.

I still use matched set…but I almost always wonder…why? Lol

Now watch there be some update I am clueless about and Target softening is debuffing like 50%…

It’s still the same. What I’ve been doing lately is firing off a scourge or yellow cake volley and then jumping into IB and spraying a softening barrage. Scourge rounds are so slow you’ll almost always get the softening rounds to target before the scourge hits and if you’re quick, you can catch the second or third volley of the cake walk.

It’s a potent combination with my re-router shield because I can recharge the 50% shield lost while firing, activate my ASE elements for the Harmaggeddon debuff, spray target softening and be ready to fire another amp shot on exit, then reposition and repeat.

I’m using an Atom Balm relic and I’m stacking splash radius rather than splash damage because there’s more than enough power there, it’s now about applying that damage to as many targets as possible.

I stopped speccing into matched set because I’m using eclectic gun manufacturers, and the new weapons don’t really benefit from mag size boosts either, I’ve found.

Because there has never been proper planning for the future of this game. How can it be when the game has so many technical issues that it takes an entire company to address them, and still not get it right. The game was at its best, most playable, most fun, form about 3 months after launch.

At that time you could use any character, any class mod, a variety of weapons and gear, and play the game in its entirety.


Crap, was confusing Matched Set with Specialist Bear that adds the 60% damage to IB.

Hey, another quick question to you. Are you experiencing just horrible XP gains when using Mayhem 10?

It’s supposed to be 100% bonus XP in this mode. But I swear it is taking 4 - 5 times as long to earn a guardian Rank point than the old Mayhem 4…pre 2.0.

  1. The BL3 team know exactly what they’re doing by letting literally millions of people beta test the game for them, saving a fortune on in house testing and quality control.

That would make the most sense as Doors 1 and 2 make them look…bad…

Why the hell they just didn’t call this Mayhem 2.0 thing a “beta” with a switch that turned it on or off I have no clue. Weapon drops would expire/disappear from your inventory a day or so after the beta ended…

they could have done it up front, gathered data and feedback and then released later. Cutting things back after a beta is NOT considered a nerf…they could have TOTALLY avoided the pickle they are in now.

Well, if we look back to the end of September and early October the community hated many of the original Mayhem modifiers and how they behaved. So Gearbox who clearly weren’t prepared had to make a new Mayhem level. Once we got Mayhem 4 we became accustomed to it extremely quickly. It took most people a few weeks at most to adjust. They probably tried to keep us busy and therefore started working on Mayhem 2.0

In concept nothing about it is really bad: It’s more challenging, more creative than just lowered/increased multipliers, gives better loot and we can adjust it to our liking on the fly. The problem is that they seem to fall behind on their content schedule, which lead to DLC 2 and the Mayhem 2.0 patch coming out with bugs. DLC2 had and still has many bugs, but they’re very minor, except for the gear without lootsource (which they fixed). Still overall, DLC2 was pretty good in terms of polish. But now it seems that time might become an issue more and more (this is purely my speculation, but it would explain a lot of the problems we experience right now). And now they can’t even get their hotfixes to do what they’re supposed to: Apply little fixes.
Ad to that the internal communication, which is an issue as departments don’t seem to talk to each other enough. At least that’s what I assume because otherwise I cannot really explain how they could forget to have some of the most important parts of the game not scale with the rest of the gear. Action skills, pets, grenades, shields and even chests not scaling with the Mayhem Level? Those are issues of a magnitude that I just cannot see how that didn’t get noticed without the lack of communication. It could have been that there were some devs that should have coded those parts into the package that would become the Mayhem 2.0 patch, but poor communication lead to them not getting the orders. Also, thinking about it: The amount of chests Gearbox has to go through to apply those modifications is immense and depending on how that works in practice, they might have to go through all chests in the game and assign a Mayhem Modifier to each separately. That’s a shitton of work to do. So it might have been as simple as a slipup from someone in a leading position just not thinking about it and therefore forgetting to have someone working on it. Depending on the structure of a company the mistake or oversight of one person can spell doom to a project or in this case, destroy the solid foundation they worked on for over half a year.

Long story short: I think that some higher-up just didn’t think about the changes that had to be made in consequence to the increases in stats in Mayhem 2.0 and the changes to how items scale. Someone might just not have seen the bigger picture and what had to be done to implement Mayhem 2.0 accordingly.

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Scary…but probably true…

I wouldn’t even call it scary, but let’s be blunt here: There is no perfect singular person that can do all facets of a leading role absolutely perfectly. Some are great leaders, good curators or have a very strong vision, some know how to communicate their ideas very clearly, some just simply know how to get the most out of their assigned workforce and some know how to keep a tight schedule. Those are all parts of a leading role and no one will do the job the same as you or I would for example. Everyone is unique. And maybe the person that oversaw the development of Mayhem 2.0 had a strong vision but their one major weakness might be the ability to connect the dots far enough to see what consequences Mayhem 2.0 might have and now has had. In that case it’s best to get someone to assist you that basically specializes in the oversight of complex structured projects and the oversight of interactions and connections.

There is a reason why some of the best bosses don’t lead a company or division alone, but have an assistant. That way you get the full package of leadership qualities you so desperately need to be successful.