Why did they hide the ranks?

Why would you create and implement a ranking system only to later hide it from everyone when in pvp . . . Some decisions gbx makes baffle me. U want to know if im honna be stuck with low lebel players or people who know what theyre doing.

Many many players were scared away by CR100-premade teams which led to many players leaving matchmaking as soon they saw a yellow bar or CR100.
There were alot people who wished for the CR to be hidden.

CR100 just means a player played alot, but quantity is not quality. I´m a perfect example as I suck badly in most PVP-matches while having a high CR.

The ranking system used by the Matchmaking algorithms was not the CR anyway, but a hidden ELO-rank you cannot see anyway. This ELO-rank is used to find matching skilled players, CR is and was irrelevant for it.


This is part of the reason. Either low-level players were immediately leaving when they saw CR100s, as Ganjamira said (NINJA’D!), or the opposite was happening, CR100s would see low-level players and immediately leave. BB has a small playerbase and people leaving before a match starts or leaving as soon as it begins were further hurting the experience. This was first requested shortly after release and has been a common ask by many forum members for a long time. Not every change is going to suit everyone, but this is something that many felt was needed and I agree that it has been needed for a long time. If the playerbase was larger it wouldn’t be necessary, but with the current state it seems like the best option so new and old players alike can get into matches without long queues due to either the small playerbase itself or people fleeing at the sight of low or high CR players.


They don’t want people to flee from the massacre before it begins.


^^^^hes not wrong

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Errrrmmmm I still don’t know how I feel about it…

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Im sure its not a great change, i dont kno personally, im on a small break cuz gow4 came out, but i can see the possibilities that cld arise from this change


so players play

they see how much they lose to premades or all high rankers

they avoid those games to stop wasting their precious Real Life free time

Gbox decides players’ free time isn’t precious and hides the data from them instead of improving matchmaking, breaking premades apart from solo queue, or using bots to fill in

Gbox is determined to spend as little as possible on this game.

Everytime I think the gearbox is doing something good they do something else even dumber… so instead of putting low ranks in a lobby of their own they chose to hide player ranks… my last 5 games have been losses because we end up with low rank players that have no idea how to even play the game… gear box shouldve made it so that low ranks can’t even play multilayer until they reach rank 30 or 40… when battlefield 1 and call of duty comes out this game will be done for…

Gearbox opted for quantity over quality. This change heavily favors premades as now people can’t even properly prepare for what is guaranteed to be a tougher match. And premades can’t take it easier on low levels. Stomps are now going to be even worse for low levels.

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You can still see everyones ranks in-game by pressing on their name on the scoreboard.


Frankly, I’m able to recognize CR2 noobs - no title being one thing. And asking “anybody’s into Ernest?” being the other :wink:
Also: it is a good thing to know if you should instruct your team about “THINGS”. You know like “Kill minions first” or “No alone kill hunting”, or even “U do know there are bots matches in Battleborn R U?”

My response to this is WHAT low levels? I’m sure that they still exist, but i’d swear that AT LEAST 80% of the people i see playing are CR60+, with the majority being CR100 veterans (roughly 30% of whom seem to only have a casual level of skill in PVP, by the way). So long as i can still see pre-mades, I’M happy: because rare is the match where i’ve seen a group of randoms beat a communicating team.

All of this is strictly my opinion, of course, for those who feel it needs to be stated.

PC player here. This is the worst change they made with this patch. Now I always have to click on every player to inspect how much time they have been playing Battleborn in order to assess their skill. And then you find that the last person out of five has only 2.2 hours under their belt and you have to requeue… because I really don’t want to play with guys who are total noobs… Eh…

But what about when you are still not in the match? :slight_smile:

I guess no one would want to marry a girl and to learn her age only after the wedding :smiley:

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Because this is a totally valid comparison when it comes to CR rank, lmao.[quote=“matrixltu, post:14, topic:1548429”]
And then you find that the last person out of five has only 2.2 hours under their belt and you have to requeue… because I really don’t want to play with guys who are total noobs… Eh…

And this is not helping the low player base.
Do you stay in queue if everyone on your team is 100 but the enemy is not?
And since high CRs only flock together low CRs get matched up against them, with at best one high CR on their team. A stomp-fest ensues.
Because of people refusing to play with them, low CR’s also sit in queue for 30+ minutes.

And then they leave and don’t come back. Then we’re left circle-jerking with the same damn people - I can already remember all CR100 people by name and who they play with, I don’t even need to see if the enemy is premade or their ranks. I already know.


I can attest to this - this was the majority of my matchmaking experienes, me, the below-average skilled CR100 teamed up together with the low CR ranks. We tried the best we could most matches, but they were often stomps followed by stomps followed by stomps that included spawn camping and taunts.

A few of the lower rank guys I added to my friends list on XB1, they’ve all moved on to other things. I was the CR100 who really wanted to get better and get stuck into the PVP side but pretty much got the same ‘buyers remorse’ they did and also moved on. Granted from some of the disdain some people show on here for new players and those of lesser skill than them, it just re-affirms me moving on.

I hope one day things will pick up, but at this stage it only seems those truly hardcore are sticking around. Much love to them. I loved the game, but we needed to seperate from the PVP side to stay on good terms lol.

I’m totally okay with it, but the perfectionist/OCD in me really REALLY wants them to align the titles underneath the names. It’s driving me nuts seeing that gap where the ranks should be and then the title.

slows down breathing

I just… I really need them to move the title over a bit, you know?


It has been explained many time that the Commander Rank is not your hidden versus ranking. Matchmaking is never based on CR.

Quickest way to see rank, while not accurate, press TAB and look at mods.