Why did they hide the ranks?

And this is not helping me as a veteran player too. I don’t want to play with guys who just quit mid game, because they are low levels and they don’t care anyway (most of my matches that I lost is because of someone leaving early/mid-game. And it’s 90% of the time a guy that is the only one with low level). If that happens - I just quit for that day, because I can’t stand that behavior.

I bought this game to play, to enjoy and to win, not to babysit every single low level and lose because of them not giving a crap. It’s no my job to do this. If the developers can’t find a way to make low level players stay to play this game - it’s still not my problem. It’s been 5.5 months since the release and the numbers are only decreasing (on PC). So yeah. I don’t think that the high CR players are the problem.

I blame only 4-5 man premades and stupid matchmaking where new players have to play with players who have 600+ hours under their belt making things worse for everyone.

This was a highly requested feature by the community, and I’m glad they implemented it. I haven’t had single match where someone left right away making the game a 4v5 from the start. People ragequit at all cr’s. But at least the game starts at an even level.

I think this encourages just playing the game and not trying to judge whether or not you should bother playing because you may or may not win based on cr’s

So now, I have to go through each player one by one…on BOTH teams, to see if I have some sucky little level 7 on our team, and the other team is all 100’s…BEFORE I quit the match? Nova doesn’t talk that long

Well said! It already feels like i’m circle-jerking with the same players on PS4, and so i rarely put in an appearance in PVP anymore; it’s all about helping the new players through the story missions for me now, because normal mode is saturated with 'em.

I don’t understand the long ps4 times none of my friends have problems

Join the xbox crew handsomecam


While I can understand the decision, I’m not 100% on with the decision to hide pre-made teams. It’s been vital for me in a match to know who can typically communicate more with each other and how they’re protective of one another. If I’m going to try to go for a Galilea, then I wanna know whether the Reyna on her team will look out for her more cautiously.

At the moment I feel somewhat stagnated in my character selection, as I don’t know whether they’re a premade or not who can easily focus me down, I’m just choosing characters that I already feel comfortable with and characters I play less of never gets played anymore due to that.

To be honest, i’ll probably be going to PC when the next gen consoles cone out, as my favorite game franchise (Uncharted), has finally run it’s course. What a spectacular ending to a AAA title…

Anyways, it’s not so much the wait times (which rarely exceed 10 minutes for me), as having little patience to wait for a match that ends up ending do to surrendering/pub stomps (i don’t have a team to regularly play with)/disconnection due to people leaving, before said match is even halfway through. I’d rather help new players in story, who are thankful for the help, and who rarely leave. Sure, the story is repetitive… but at least i can actually PLAY…

Join the xbox crew

NO! I will NOT join Xbox, and i will NOT join this “herd” that my brony friend keeps yapping about. That ■■■■■■■ show stole his SOUL…

Anyways, i just don’t care for Xbox’s exclusives; i never liked Halo, i didn’t care ENOUGH for Gears of War, etc. etc. The consoles i buy have ALWAYS been dictated by the games they have (Final Fantasy up to #10, Metal Gear, then Uncharted), and with exclusives slowly becoming more and more lackluster to me, PC is the obvious choice for future me, given it’s superior graphics, processing, open-world game selection, etc. This is, of course, provided that Sony doesn’t come out with more exclusives that appeal to me; if they make The Last Of Us 2 a PS5 exclusive, i’ll stick with 'em.

Just a reminder that any form of console-wars is against our Forum Rules.


Ain’t a war, and I HATE exclusives whether on my console or not, sunset overdrive is awesome, the last metal gear is awesome, cmon handsomecam no problems on xbox, also @Ganjamira I’m sorry if it seems I’m starting a war, honestly I think both consoles are basically the same thing, just the fanboys say they are way different, living a lie

Is it? I didn’t know, because i… kind of just skimmed through the forum rules. I wasn’t trying to say PS is better; just that i prefer it’s exclusives. Won’t happen again.

The change won’t stop elitist high-ranked players from dropping out of matches, but it should help to stop low-ranked players from leaving matches when they see a team of 100s.

It’s not a perfect solution, but it’s one that many members of the Battleborn community have asked for for months, and I think it’s a good bandaid solution to one of Battleborn’s PvP problems.

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Handsomecam I hope Sony agrees to cross play with Microsoft, we could join

Now if they could just solve the main issue of not having a healthy playerbase…

I know what I’m asking for Christmas this year! Even if ISIC is essentially an all-knowing super computer, he couldn’t POSSIBLY be right about Santa not being real… Right?

Yeah, that’d be swell; but both of those a**holes want to do it on THIER terms, which the other party doesn’t like. We must melt thier icy-cold hearts with a warm island song! …or do we sooth thier Burning Heart(s) (tactically inserted Surviver reference) with a COOL island song?

No Phil Spencer (actually think he is pretty cool) has simply asked the Sony CEO the yes or no question, after yes or no is answered the debating starts

Yeah, i was definitely shocked when Sony declined to answer, when Microsoft asked them about the possibility of cross-play betweeen XB1 and PS4; especially since Sony had asked the same for XB360 and PS3 years ago, but got a “no”.

I honestly wonder if Sony was more or less saying “f**ck you” to Microsoft because of that. I certainly hope such is not the case, but it kind of looks like that.

Sad really, Phil has seen the error of his ways, yet Sony can’t forgive him

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They are both LITERALLY as close-minded and immature as the (hate the word, but it IS apt) “fanboys” who argue about which system is better.

We’ll see what happens; hopefully Sony agrees, since cross-play does nothing but help the players. It would help poor Battleborn out immensely…