Why did they hide the ranks?

Honest it would cuz sadly we can’t say xbox and (I geusse sorta PS4 considering your experience) are doing good and that battleborn is just fine (stupid producers saying only PC matters, it does matter, but not only it) I honestly thought Phil Spencer is better now, even he called console war stupid, as it is just saying which piece of plastic is better

(Sing-songy) I’m still up for that island song.

I say we hold it against sonies will

Hold WHAT? HANDS?! No thanks, pilgrim.

Germaphobe, but seriously if they agreed I could totally see at least a total of 40 heroes in battleborn

Well, i don’t know about that; but it would give Battleborn the healthy playerbase it needs, between the three platforms. Either way, let’s not derail this thread any farther; i know that @Kitty_Jo is out there somewhere with her barbed wire-covered bat, and i don’t want it coming down on me, if i can help it. Especially not in the face; that’s my meal ticket.

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Got it

BB is the only game I play on my XB1

The reasoning for the role reversal on cross-plat play is fairly simple.
Sony wanted it for PS3 because their system was doing poorly and they thought it would help. Microsoft said “nah we’re fine. If you want to play with your Xbox friends, buy an Xbox”.
Microsoft wants it for XB1 because their system is doing poorly and they think it will help. Sony says “nah we’re fine. If you want to play with your PS4 friends, buy an PS4”.

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Because the population is healthier than on PC, right?

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Well I’m not sure really, the whole xbox failure is really overexaggerated